What’s For Sale in The Fall Guys Item Shop Today? September 21

In Fall Guys players have the chance to earn Kudos and Crowns by competing in the game’s five round game shows. These in-game currencies can be used to purchase items from the game’s shop. Everyday the Fall Guys item shop refreshes with new items for purchase. To keep track of these changes use our what’s for sale in the Fall Guys item shop post below.


  • Shop refreshes daily at 2:00 AM PST.
    • Regular items change every 24 hours.
    • Featured items change every 72 hours.
  • Featured items are the same for everyone while Daily items are different.
  • In-game currency Kudos can be bought with real money.

Fall Guys Item Shop September 21-24 Inventory (PC+PS4)

Image showing the Fall Guys Featured Items for September 21-24.

Items in the Fall Guys item shop come in a variety of rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. These rarities are denoted by colors and text over the item. The higher the rarity the more you are looking to spend to purchase the item. Items for purchase are: Colors, Patterns, Face, Upper and Lower, Emotes, and Celebrations. These items rotate in and out of the Featured Items and Regular Items slots in the shop.

Featured Fall Guys Items Right Now

Featured items are typically rare items players can purchase in Fall Guys. The featured items section has a longer respawn window at 72 hours and only offers three items for purchase at a time. The main items in this section require Crowns to purchase which means you will need to have some wins under your belt (or leveled up the game’s season pass) to purchase them.

Featured Fall Guys items currently are:

  • Slush (Epic Pattern) – 5000 Kudos.
  • Deep Diver (Legendary Outfit Top) – 5 Crowns.
  • Deep Diver (Legendary Outfit Bottom) – 5 Crowns.

Are any of the items in the Fall Guys store must haves? Any items you wish would comeback? Have general comments or suggestions? Drop them in the comments section below. Be sure to check back on this page daily as it will be updated to reflect each stores reset. Thanks for reading and happy falling.

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