What’s For Sale in The Fall Guys Item Shop Today?

In Fall Guys players have the chance to earn Kudos and Crowns by competing in the game’s five round game shows. These in-game currencies can be used to purchase items from the game’s shop. Everyday the Fall Guys item shop refreshes with new items for purchase. To keep track of these changes use our what’s for sale in the Fall Guys item shop post below.


  • Shop refreshes daily at 3:00am MST.
    • Regular items change every 24 hours.
    • Featured items change every 72 hours.
  • Featured items are the same for everyone while Daily items are different.

Fall Guys Item Shop Inventory (March 30)

Now that Fall Guys has gone free-to-play there is a new sort of item shop available. This new item shop features a wide range of items for players to purchase using the in-game currencies of Show-Bucks and Kudos. Show-Bucks can be purchased using real world money while Kudos are earned by completing games and advancing the Season Pass.

Items in the Fall Guys item shop come in a variety of rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. These rarities are denoted by colors and text over the item. The higher the rarity the more you are looking to spend to purchase the item. Items for purchase are: Colors, Patterns, Face, Upper and Lower, Emotes, and Celebrations. These items rotate in and out of the Featured Items, Daily Items, and Regular Items slots in the shop.

Supercharged Offers

Dynamic Duo (Special Bundle)1200 Show-Bucks
Super Sonic (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
You’re Too Slow (Special Emote)400 Show-Bucks
Sonic the Hedgehog (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Knuckles (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Eggman vs Tails (Special Bundle)1200 Show-Bucks
Tails (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Dr. Eggman (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks

Guardian Gear

Ghost Gadget Bundle (Special Bundle)1200 Show-Bucks
Titan (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Ghost Shell (Special Upper)400 Show-Bucks
Spicy Ramen (Special Celebration)700 Show-Bucks
Lightbearer Bundle (Special Bundle)1200 Show-Bucks
Hunter (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Warlock (Special Upper + Lower)400 Show-Bucks

Chrome Couture

Fall Guys Chrome Couture items for sale.
Chrome Couture items for sale.
Silver Hotdog (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Mime Time (Rare Bundle)800 Show-Bucks
Star Chefs (Rare Bundle)800 Show-Bucks

Healthy Yeeters

Fall Guys Healthy Yeeters items.
Healthy Yeeters items for sale.
Fit and Fruity (Uncommon Bundle)800 Show-Bucks
Snug Strawberry (Uncommon Upper + Lower)500 Show-Bucks
DJ Fresh Pear (Uncommon Upper + Lower)500 Show-Bucks
Jog On (Uncommon Emote)300 Show-Bucks

Season Items (Season Bundles)

Season Pass950 Show-Bucks
Popping Whizzbanger Pack (+ 600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Plushfox Pack (+ 600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Doc Glover Pack (+ 600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Neigh Neigh (+ 600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Pegwin Party Pack (+1000 Show-Bucks)$13.49
Crater King (+1000 Show-Bucks)$13.49
Seasonal Sushi Set (+1000 Show-Bucks)$13.49
Wildfire Pack (+2000 Show-Bucks)$26.99
Stunning Sealife Pack (+2000 Show-Bucks)$26.99

Daily Item Shop

Fall Guys Daily Items Shop March 30-April 1.
Daily items for sale.
Lockseley (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Enchanted (Uncommon Color)100 Show-Bucks
Mountains (Common Pattern)1100 Kudos
Zapped! (Uncommon Nameplate)700 Kudos
Snowball Survivor (Common Nickname)200 Kudos

Daily Kudos Item Shop

Fall Guys Daily Items Shop March 30-April 1.
Daily items for sale.
Grouchy Glasses (Common Upper)2200 Kudos
Orion’s Belt (Common Lower)1800 Kudos
Falling Hazard (Common Pattern)1100 Kudos
Orbital (Common Color)1000 Kudos
Rainbow Cloud (Common Nameplate)500 Kudos
Club FG (Common Nickname)200 Kudos

Are any of the items in the Fall Guys store must haves? Any items you wish would comeback? Have general comments or suggestions? Drop them in the comments section below. Be sure to check back on this page daily as it will be updated to reflect each stores reset. Thanks for reading and happy falling.

Thoughts on today’s Fall Guys item shop? Drop them in comments below.


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