What’s For Sale in The Fall Guys Item Shop Today

In Fall Guys players have the chance to earn Kudos and Crowns by competing in the game’s five round game shows. These in-game currencies can be used to purchase items from the game’s shop. Everyday the Fall Guys item shop refreshes with new items for purchase. To keep track of these changes use our what’s for sale in the Fall Guys item shop post below.

Fall Guys Item Shop Inventory on September 22

Fall Guys has transitioned to free-to-play, introducing a new item shop with a diverse range of purchasable items. These items can be bought using in-game currencies: Show-Bucks and Kudos. Show-Bucks can be acquired through real-world purchases, while Kudos are earned by completing games and progressing through the Season Pass.

The Fall Guys item shop offers items of different rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. These rarities are indicated through colors and text on the items. The rarer the item, the more it costs. The available items include Colors, Patterns, Face, Upper and Lower outfits, Emotes, and Celebrations. These items circulate through the Featured Items, Daily Items, and Regular Items slots within the shop at specific intervals.

Future Sounds

Miku’s Blunderland Bundle (Special Bundle)1000 Show-Bucks
Blunderland Miku (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Blunderland (Special Emote)400 Show-Bucks

Toho Terrors & Godzilla’s World

Kaiju Combo (Special Bundle)1800 Show-Bucks
Godzilla 1995 (Special Upper + Lower)1200 Show-Bucks
Godzilla (Special Upper + Lower)1200 Show-Bucks
Kaiju King Bundle (Special Bundle)1800 Show-Bucks
King Ghidorah (Special Upper + Lower)1200 Show-Bucks
Mothra (Special Upper + Lower)1200 Show-Bucks

Teen Team Time

Invincible Bundle (Special Bundle)1200 Show-Bucks
Invincible (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Atom Eve (Special Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Oni-Man Bundle (Special Bundle)500 Show-Bucks
Omni-Man (Special Upper + Lower)400 Show-Bucks
Omni-Man (Special Pattern)800 Show-Bucks
Papaya Crush (Common Color)Free

Complete Costume Kits

Cat Stack-Up (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
BLT (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Panda Bear (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Choo Choo (Uncommon Emote)300 Show-Bucks
Flicked Off (Uncommon Celebration)700 Show-Bucks
Paladin (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Astronaut (Epic Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
French Fries (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Fairycorn (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Tasty Burger (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Blue Freeze (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Skunk Do (Common Upper + Lower)2200 Kudos
Skunk Tail (Common Lower)1800 Kudos
Mortarboard (Common Upper)2200 Kudos
Hot Dog Pouch (Common Lower)1800 Kudos
Kitty Cubes (Common Pattern)1100 Kudos
Skunk Beans (Common Pattern)1100 Kudos
Cosy Clouds (Common Color)1000 Kudos
Grapefruit (Common Faceplate)2000 Kudos

Fame Pass

Image showing the Warriors of Light Fame Pass for sale in the Fall Guys Item Shop.
Fame Pass items for sale in the Fall Guys shop.
Warriors of Light (Legendary Bundle)600 Show-Bucks


Miner Mole Pack (+ 600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Avian Angler Pack (+600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Popping Whizzbanger Pack Pack (+600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Plushfox Pack (+600 Show-Bucks)$5.49
Arcade Classics (+1000 Show-Bucks)$13.49
Pegwin Party Pack (+1000 Show-Bucks)$13.49
Otter Delights Pack (+1000 Show-Bucks)$13.49
Soft Serve Sundae Pack (+1000 Show-Bucks)$19.99
Stunning Sealife Pack (+2000 Show-Bucks)$26.99
Wildfire Pack (+2000 Show-Bucks)$26.99

Daily Item Shop

Hopbot Trio (Rare Bundle)800 Show-Bucks
Toy Whale Trio Bundle (Rare Bundle)800 Show-Bucks
Rio Reveller (Epic Upper + Lower)1200 Show-Bucks
Chill Vibes (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
F.G.I.B. (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
Star Ranger (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks
El Fuego (Rare Upper + Lower)800 Show-Bucks

Daily Patterns Shop

Snow Storm (Uncommon Pattern)200 Show-Bucks
Stars (Uncommon Pattern)200 Show-Bucks
Murder by Numbers (Uncommon Color)200 Show-Bucks
Hooping Hotshot (Rare Celebration)1000 Show-Bucks

Daily Kudos Item Shop

Puma Pawpack (Common Upper)2200 Kudos
Blessed Sneakers (Common Lower)1800 Kudos
Block Out (Common Pattern)1100 Kudos
Let’s Mosey (Uncommon Color)1000 Kudos
Dego Crosses (Common Nameplate)500 Kudos
Tryhard (Common Nickname)200 Kudos

Are any of the items in the Fall Guys store must haves? Any items you wish would comeback? Have general comments or suggestions? Drop them in the comments section below. Be sure to check back on this page daily as it will be updated to reflect each stores reset. Thanks for reading and happy falling.

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