What’s for Sale in Prospero’s Shop – March 4

Prospero’s featured item shop has slew of new items thanks to the refresh on March 1. In Prospero’s shop you can buy various new skins, emotes and materials to change the look of your javelin. Check out what’s for sale in Prospero’s shop below.

Prospero’s Shop Items for Sale (March 1 – March 5)

Prospero's Shop Inventory March 1 - March 5
Here’s what’s currently for sale in Prospero’s store.

Prospero’s Feature Store sells a selection of items for players to purchase. These items cycle weekly and will be a major source of new cosmetic armors. The items currently for sale at Prospero’s Shop (March 1 – March 5) are as follows:

  • Graphic – Abyssal Depths: 36000 Coin or 600 Shards.
  • Animation – Robot: 23000 Coin or 475 Shards.
  • Fabric – Cotton Star Pattern 1 (Rare): 12000 Coin or 300 Shards.
  • Decal – Fiend’s Luck (Uncommon): 6000 Coin or 200 Shards.
  • Graphic – Deadface (Epic): 36000 Coin or 600 Shards.
  • Graphic – Midnight Shield (Uncommon): 12000 Coin or 300 Shards.

Something to note, not all items in Prospero’s Shop are applicable to all Javelins. Look in the upper right corner of the item display to see what Javelin the items apply to. I will be back on Friday to highlight the new offerings at Prospero’s Shop. See you then. Let me know if you picked up anything this week.

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