What’s for Sale in Prospero’s Shop – Feb 22

In Anthem there are a number of cosmetic you can acquire to change the look of your Javelin. These cosmetics come in the form of Alliance unlocks as well as purchases from Prospero’s Shop. Below I will be showing you what’s for sale in Prospero’s Shop on February 22. Note: Store receives new items on Tuesday February 26.

Prospero’s Shop Items for Sale (February 22 – 26)

Prospero's Shop Items for Sale (February 22 - 26)
This is what’s on offer at Prospero’s Shop (February 22 – 26).

Prospero’s Feature Store sells a selection of items for players to purchase. These items cycle weekly and will be a major source of new cosmetic armors. The items currently for sale at Prospero’s Shop (February 22 – 26) are as follows:

  • Guardian Armor Pack (Ranger Epic): 61000 Coin or 850 Shards.
  • Dreadnought Armor Pack (Colossus Epic): 61000 Coin or 850 Shards.
  • Fabric – Canvas Honeycomb (Rare): 12000 Coin or 300 Shards.
  • Metal – Diamond Plate (Rare): 12000 Coin or 300 Shards.
  • Animation – Gum On Shoe (Colossus Epic): 18000 Coin or 400 Shards.
  • Graphic – Midnight Shield (Uncommon): 12000 Coin or 300 Shards.

Something to note, not all items in Prospero’s Shop are applicable to all Javelins. Look in the upper right corner of the item display to see what Javelin the items apply to. I will be back on Tuesday to highlight the new offerings at Prospero’s Shop. See you then. Let me know if you picked up anything this week.

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