What to Do After Beating Outriders Guide

Outriders, the looter-shooter out of People Can Fly, features a main story players can complete. This main story sees you and a band of misfits travel across the planet in an attempt to learn more about a strange anomaly. This strange anomaly holds the key to the future of humans on the planet. After the anomaly is dealt with players will see the credits roll. This may leave you wondering what’s next to do. Well there is actually quite a bit. See the what to do after beating Outriders below.

Complete Missed Side Quests and Find Collectibles

Image showing the Outriders map.

If you didn’t get a chance to playthrough all of the side missions in Outriders you can still do so after beating the game. The game lets you double back to locations you may have left incomplete by speaking to Channa at the Outriders’ Camp. Simply select the “Time to go. Prepare the truck.” option when you speak with her to open the map revealing the different locations (shown above). Pick the location you wish to revisit to head back there.

Some reason you may wish to clean up side missions and collectibles are that they have achievements tied to them as well as rewards, XP, and other completion bonuses. If you wish to see all the game has to offer many of the side quests provide different enemies and objectives to complete than the main storyline.

Take Part in Expeditions

Image showing details about Outriders Expeditions end-game mode.

Once the credits roll in Outriders you arrive in the Outriders’ Camp. In this camp you will be greeted with a message on your screen regarding Expeditions. Expeditions are the end-game activities players can take part in once the game has been completed. These Expeditions basically a collection of missions that can be completed to gather Drop Pod Resources and special loot chest rewards. These end-game missions contain Challenge Tiers up to Level 15 that make them harder to complete but also more loot yielding. Once you’ve reach Challenge Tier 15 and have gathered 4000 Drop Pod Resources you will unlock a final Expedition called The Eye of the Storm that features a special final fight and boss.

Run Through the Main Story with Other Classes

Image showing the choose your path screen on Outriders.

One of the interesting aspects of Outriders is that you are stuck with the class you choose at the start of the main story. There is no system to change classes on the fly. Since there are four classes in the game you will need to complete the game four times with the different classes if you wish to get them all to end-game. This can be done fairly easily as the main story can be completed in roughly 10-12 hours (mainlining it). If you wish to get all Accolades in the game you will need to do this.

Level World Rank and Farm Bosses/Elites

Image showing a boss in Outriders.

Through the main game you can upgrade the World Rank to improve drop rates and item levels. This is done through gaining experience while not dying. The maximum World Rank you can reach is 15 which gives you the highest level gear and highest chance at legendary weapons and armor. If you haven’t reached this WR work on getting it up there. Once you hit WR 15 you will want to farm Elites and certain bosses to try and get better gear to drop.

Achievement/Trophy Hunt

If you are the type of person that likes 100% your games Outriders has trophies or achievements for you to unlock. There is a total of 44 Trophies and 43 Achievements to unlock in this game. These achievements range from simple to more complex to unlock. Beating the game doesn’t guarantee you will get them all. This means some list cleanup after beating the main story. To see the achievements check out this list by TrueAchievements.

Hold Out Hope For DLC or Update Content

People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders have made it fairly clear that the game is content complete. This means they currently have no plans for DLC. With that said I’m sure the option is there if the game sells well enough and has a thriving community. This means there is a small chance we will see content post-launch that adds new additions to the game.

That’s all we can think of to do in the end-game of Outriders. Since there is a specific mode to play, Expedition, you will have a lot to do once the credits roll. If you have anything to add to the list I’m always open. Drop me a comment below with what you are doing in the game’s end-game. Or just drop a comment because.

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