What is That? Wild West Online Channels Red Dead Redemption

With the success of Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 on the horizon, it’s no surprise that developers are taking interest in the Wild West genre. Developer 612 Games is one group that is diving head first into competing with Rockstar with the announcement of Wild West Online. While the initial footage that was released today doesn’t show off a whole lot, Wild West Online should be on your radar. If you love all things western or just want to be someone’s Huckleberry, Wild West Online could be that outlet.

Wild West Online Trailer

About Wild West Online

Wild West Online

Wild West Online is a open world, Wild West themed action MMO built specifically with PC in mind. In WWO, players will be able to explore the world, gather resources, take part in PvP combat, PvE missions and “…much, much more. ” As players take part in the various activities throughout WWO, they will be able to choose how they play the game. As the WWO site puts it:

In Wild West Online YOU choose your path. How you play the game and how you interact with other players is up to you. WWO’s many and diverse dynamic gameplay systems will accommodate a variety of different play styles and moral dispositions.

Do you want to be a prospector and mine for gold? Mine away! But be ready to fend off those who would rather let you do all the hard work then try to steal your claim. Of course, if you’re a little wet behind the ears in a gunfight, you could always hire other players to protect you.

Do you want to lie, cheat, rob, murder and generally carouse your way across the West. You bet you do, outlaw! But watch your back, some players will choose to stay on the right side of the law and become Deputies and Bounty Hunters. These men (and women) are charged with hunting down the likes of you, and bringing you in, dead or alive.

Play alone or form a posse with your friends. Join one of the many bandit clans or create your own and recruit others to fight for control over contested territories. (Source)

About the Studios

The team over at 612 Games appears to be stacked with development talent. Reading the About Us section of Wild West Online‘s site, highlights the fact that many of the individuals involved in the project have worked on “…titles like League Of Legends, the Crysis series, Ryse, Armored Warfare, Neverwinter Nights, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Star Trek Online and many, many others. ” With such a wide collection of industry talent, it will be interesting to see how Wild West Online shakes out.

What 612 Games is promising does appeal to me. You can pick up the game now in three different configurations: Townie ($19.99), Pioneer ($39.99), and Collector ($59.99) on the official website. WWO will release December 2017.

What are you first impressions of Wild West Online? Let me know in the Pit below.


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    Doesn’t look like it’ll deliver on what it promises, to be honest…

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