What is That? VRChat Finds New Life on Twitch

Twitch is a strange and wondrous place. With tens of millions of viewers visiting the site on a daily basis, Twitch serves as a sort of real time social space for gamers. Due to it’s real time nature, Twitch is often a good place to find out what games are the current games are the hotness. One game that has become rather hot is VRChat which was released back in February 2017. So what exactly is this new phenomenon? Let’s take a look.

VRChat Trailer

About VRChat

VRChat is an Early Access title on Steam that was released back in February of 2017. The studio behind this game (VRChat inc.) is aiming to develop a VR community in which players have the ability to create custom worlds and avatars to explore in a social environment.

To help you understand a little more, let me explain. The other night, I was watching TSM_Dyrus play VRChat and the stream started out on a Mario Kart world (complete with karts), only to then switch to off-roading near the desert hangar in GTA V. For even further understanding, watch this.

While the game has remained relatively dormant since launch (it’s free to play), both YouTube and Twitch are starting to see an uptick in VRChat content creation. This appears to be for good reason as the game is fairly open to what players can do, and features that great emergent gameplay that makes streams/videos fun. Couple this emergent gameplay with a sea of community made content, and you are starting to see a killer VR app emerge.

Visit the VRChat Steam page

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