What is That? Superhot

As I am guilty of doing almost daily, I end up staying up too late. Tonight/this morning is no exception. Night is easily when I feel like I accomplish most things and find I work better the later it gets. But this is not a post about night/day productivity, but rather about a game I stumbled upon on a late night bender. Superhot is an fps that I had never heard of  before.  I stumbled upon the trailer below, gave it a watch and thought I would write about it. Apparently the game was created during a 7 day jam; was then kickstarted(successfully) and is now getting a full release. The game has a unique art style with contrasting colors on everything. Enemies are red, guns are black, swords are shiny and the surroundings are a sleek white. While visually appealing to say the least, the hook of the game is in the time mechanic. According to the games website, “time moves only when you move”. This concept I find very interesting. The game mechanic could potentially cause each showdown to be a puzzle in itself, forcing focus to be placed on strategic movement. If dodging bullets one second at a time sounds like something you are interested in, check out the drop on February 25th(PC).





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  1. HamFiddler says:

    Looks fun, I agree that the art style looks cool. I wonder how responsive the damage reaction is based on where the enemy is hot. It looked in the trailer like if the belly was swung at with the sword it would actually show damage there

  2. FilmApe says:

    What is the damage on this game?

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