Westworld Mobile Game Open For Early Access Registration

UpdateWestworld Mobile has shut down after settling a lawsuit with Bethesda.

Warner Bros. Interactive has opened up pre-registration for players who want to try out their upcoming Westworld mobile game ahead of its April 2018 release.

This new mobile game is based on the HBO series, Westworld, and is under development by studio Behaviour Interactive. In Westworld mobile players take on the role of a newly hired Delos Trainee who is tasked with overseeing their own Delos Park Simulation.

Inside the simulation, players are put in charge of  running the park as smoothly as possible. This goal can be accomplished by maintaining order, creating hosts, satisfying guest’s desires, as well as unlocking new locales from the series.

The Westworld mobile game is currently open for pre-registration on the Westworld mobile website. The game is available on both iOS and Android. Since Westworld mobile is in pre-registration, those who join the game now will receive a number of early access rewards. Currently the pre-registration sits at 250,000 users, which has earned the Level 1 unlock Lawrence (there’s a total of 4 levels). Each new level unlocks new items for players in the pre-registration phase.

The Westworld mobile game is slated to release in April 2018 for both iOS and Android devices. 

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