The Weekly Reset #21 – A Way Out Goes Gold, Metacritic Ranks Publishers, Console Subscription Games for March

Things here at the HTR office have settled down a bit after what has been a busy couple of weeks with both Kingdom Come Deliverance and Monster Hunter World. With more time to write on other topics, I managed to put out a number of news articles this past week that are fairly interesting. First up we got news that indie game A Way Out has gone gold; second Metacritic dropped their 2017 ranking of game publishers and it’s a bit surprising; and last but certainly not least I dropped a brief rundown on the Games With Gold and PS+ games for March. Let’s get The Weekly Reset going shall we?

A Way Out Has Gone Gold

Image of A Way Out logo

It’s no secret that I enjoy indie titles. Something about AAA games nowadays just doesn’t capture my attention like a good indie made title. One such indie that I’m interested in (largely for presentation) is A Way Out. This indie title being produced under the EA umbrella is all about cooperative play and is tailored to create an experience with that in mind. This week saw the team behind A Way Out announce that the game has gone ‘gold’ (meaning ready to ship). This means we will be getting this prison break drama on March 23rd. If you want to read more about the announcement, peep the original post here.

Metacritic Ranks Game Publishers of 2017

ranking of game publishers for 2017

As they have done for the past eight years, Metacritic released their rankings of game publishers for 2017. This list is split into what they call “biggest” and “mid-size” companies based on their own ranking criteria. The list is actually rather surprising as many of the companies you would expect to be dominant actually appear in places unexpected. To take a look at the rankings, check this post.

“Free” Games for March 2018

PlayStation Plus March 2018 Games

Since last week marked the end of February and beginning of March that meant new offerings out of PS+ and Games With Gold. Both Sony and Microsoft have some tasty titles to offer gamers, but Sony is really bring the thunder by offering one of the greatest PS4 games, Bloodborne, free for the month. Besides Bloodborne, there are a number of good titles for both Xbox One and PS4 owners to pick up.

Other News

There were a number of other news stories this week that I will drop in bullet point form below:

On The Slab – Nothing (Maybe Some Gleaner Heights Cleanup?)

The Weekly Reset

This week is pretty light on new titles that interest me. Fans of Final Fantasy XV will be able to play the game on PC (finally), after waiting about a year for the port. This release will be interesting to see as Square Enix can be fairly hit or miss with PC versions of their titles. Besides FFXV, there isn’t much coming until next week when things start picking up again.

Let’s talk The Weekly Reset. Anything interest you? Let me know in The Pit below.


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