The Weekly Reset #16 – Holiday 2017 Cleanup

Resetors! It’s good to be back for this first Weekly Reset of 2018. Hope the holiday season was good to you and featured a ton of games and movies! FilmApe and I spent the holidays crushing out the entire Spielberg collection which ended up being 33 movies over 20 days. When not watching the ‘berg, I put together a number of articles for the site. That’s why I am dubbing this Weekly Reset as the holiday 2017 cleanup. Let’s get started.

Game News

Amazon's top selling games of 2017

There were a number of interesting news items over the holidays. These items largely stemmed around companies looking back on 2017. Some of the companies we covered included Nintendo’s Switch US sales numbers, Valve’s best of 2017, Amazon’s top selling games of 2017, and much more. Check out each link below if you are interested in reading more on each story.

Nintendo Sold a Ton of Switches in the US

PlayStation Releases Most Downloaded Games of 2017

Steam Best of 2017 Information

Amazon’s Top Selling Video Games of 2017

PlayStation Plus Games for January 2018

Xbox Gold Games for January 2018


20 games to get excited for in 2018

Since it was the end of 2017, I felt it was necessary to share with you a number of my opinions on things like the best games of 2017 and what to look forward to in 2018 (turns out there are a lot). If you want to read what I thought, jump on through the links below.

Enrico’s Top 10 Games of 2017

Best New Characters of 2017

20 Games to Get Hyped for in 2018


Things were pretty light on guides over the holidays as I was away from the main rig. I did, however, manage to spend some time playing Tencent Game’s Arena Of Valor which scratched my MOBA itch hard. While playing, I put together a couple of guides that can be found below.

5 Beginner Heroes

Hero List

Movie Trailers

Death Wish Trailer

The holidays were choke full of new movie trailers as Hollywood is gearing up for the new year. Some trailers we covered over the break included Slender Man, Death Wish, and Game Over, Man!.To watch the trailers, follow the links below.

Slender Man 

Death Wish

Game Over, Man!

On The Slab – Week of January 7, 2018

Until the release of Monster Hunter: World, there really isn’t a whole ton of games coming in January that interest me. Because of this, things will be relatively light on the guide front, but I will keep you covered on any news that breaks over this week. For a full list of games coming in January, check out our post.

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