The Weekly Reset #13 – Demon’s Souls Servers Shutting Down, Infinity War Trailer Drops, and Bungie Address Destiny 2

Happy Sunday Resetors! It’s time once again to formally close the week out with our The Weekly Reset roundup. This week was pretty spicy, with numerous news items including: Demon’s Souls servers shutting down; the release of the Infinity War trailer; Bungie’s state of Destiny 2 union address; and a juicy guide for Fractured Space implants out of @HamFiddler. As you can see, there’s a lot of stuff to get to, so let’s get started.

Sony Shutting Down Demon’s Souls Servers

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If you’re holding a drink right now, it may be appropriate to pour one out for the soon to be fallen Demon’s Souls servers. It was announced this week that servers for Demon’s Souls will be shutting down next year. When the servers are taken offline, the online features in Demon’s Souls will no longer work, resulting in a different experience should you choose to revisit the game. To read both the statements from the Dark Souls team and Atlus (the game’s publisher), check out our post here.

Pokemon Go Gets Legendary Bird Ho-Oh

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Pokemon Go returned to the news cycle this week, with the completion of the Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge. This event tasked players with capturing 3 billion Pokemon in a week in order to earn various rewards. The community accomplished this feat, which led Niantic to not only deliver a ton of rewards, but also add the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh to the game. To read more about Ho-Oh’s addition, check out the article.

Marvel Studios Shows Off Infinity War Trailer

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On the film front, fans of Marvel movies were given their first look at Infinity War. The two minute, twenty-five second long trailer dropped on Wednesday, and has already been watched 73 million times on the official Marvel YouTube channel. While not a ton is shown off in the trailer, fans are finally getting to see what ten years of Marvel Universe design has been working towards. To peep the trailer, head on over to my write up on it.

Bungie Address Destiny 2 Problems With Blog Post

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It had been a rough couple of weeks for Bungie, but things appear to be turning a corner thanks in large part to a blog post published this week. Titled “THE STATE OF DESTINY 2”, the blog post replaced a planned Curse of Osiris stream in order to address a number of issues in the Destiny 2 community. The post lays out a number of planned updates leading into the new year, which will address things like tokens and loot acquisition, to adding armor ornaments and Masterwork weapons. To read all the changes, check out this post.

Guide: Hammie Tells You About Implants in Fractured Space

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Instead of spending time playing Starcraft 2 with his friend Enricofairme, HamFiddler instead spent his week playing Fractured Space alone. While playing, Ham decided he needed to spread the gospel of Implants to the Resetors. While I don’t know anything about implants and how they work in Fractured Space, HamFiddler assures me that his guide is all you need to dominate your opponents on the space battlefield.

On The Slab: Curse of Osiris

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This week I will be checking out the newest DLC content for Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris. Curse of Osiris drops on Tuesday, December 5th, so expect to see a couple guides as well as a review sometime later this week. Aside from Curse of Osiris, this week is relatively light on game releases I actually am interested in.


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