Watching Death Stranding Trailers Side-By-Side is Insane

Death Stranding is the next upcoming game from acclaimed designer Hideo Kojima and his new studio Kojima Productions. Not much is known about that game, but we have been able to see two trailers. The first trailer debuted at E3 and featured Norman Reedus, a baby, dead fish and floating figures. The second trailer debuted recently at the Playstation Experience and featured Guillermo del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen, a baby and soldiers. As the internet does, fans have been attempting to find deeper meaning in what they’ve seen. Playing Death Stranding trailers side-by-side raises even more questions for the already mysterious title.

Before diving in, let’s run down what we know about Kojima’s Death Stranding:

  • Actors Madds Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus and Director Guillermo del Toro all play characters in the game.
  • Kojima makes some strange games (see all Metal Gears)
  • The game will be an open-world
  • The game will release in 2019 for both PC and PS4

Death Stranding Trailers Side-By-Side

The major scene to focus on occurs at 2:00. Norman Reedus is holding a baby, while Guillermo del Toro is holding an empty capsule. After attaching something to the capsule, the baby appears to be teleported from Reedus to del Toro. Both trailers share a similar black tar substance, as well as the appearance of 5 beings at the end. Exactly what all this mean is unclear, however I am going to put on my speculation hat here.

As the title of the game is Death Stranding, my theory is simply that Reedus is trapped in a world that is dead. Look at all the death in trailer 1. This death is related to the black tar which can be seen in both trailers. Del Toro lives in a world that is not dead… yet, but will head that way if something is not done. This is where the baby comes in. The baby we see holds the answer to ensuring life. There is some sort of interplay between the dead & alive world in the form of travelling between them. It could also be some form of time travel (Reedus exist in the future, del Toro the past)… So many questions.

What did you think of Death Stranding Trailers Side-By-Side? My theory? What is your theory? Let me know in the Pit below.

Eli McLean

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  1. Film Ape says:

    The side by side thing is interesting, but both trailers still have me unimpressed. I am intrigued by it being an open world though.

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