VR Game Releases in August 2022

Game releases across all consoles have slowed down significantly of late, and VR release are no exception. Many big releases are still a ways off, making the summer months fairly light on titles. August, the trail end of the summer months, is fairly light on VR releases, but there are a few games to make note of. Here’s a quick look at the noteworthy VR game releases in August 2022.

Tower Tag [August 3]

Release Date: August 3rd.

Tower Tag is a futuristic PvP multi-player shooter title that has been available on PC VR through Steam Early Access since May 2020. The August launch of the game is for the Meta Quest. It is available on that headset through the App Lab. This makes it free-to-play (at the moment). On Steam the game retails for $9.99 USD.

Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific [August 11]

Release Date: August 11th.

Warplanes: Battles over Pacific is the follow-up title to Home Net Games’ Warplanes: WW1 Fighters. This title places players inside the cockpit of a variety of warplanes during the campaign against the Empire of Japan in WWII. This title was previously available through the App Lab in early access, but it is going full release on the Quest Store August 11th.

Red Matter 2 [August 18]

Release Date: August 18th.

Easily the biggest release of the month is Red Matter 2. Red Matter 2 is the follow-up sequel to the 2019 Vertical Robot game Red Matter. Red Matter 2 picks up following the events of the original. Players must escape from the Atlantic Union’s base then rescue an old friend whose distress beacon leads you across the solar system.

Like the first game, players can expect a interactable environment to explore that is filled with a variety of puzzles to solve. Red Matter 2 also introduces a bit of combat to the series with new projectile weapons that can be used during gameplay. The title will release on PC VR and the Meta Quest 2 on August 19th.

Nerf: Ultimate Championship [August 25]

Release Date: August 25th.

Rounding out the month is Nerf: Ultimate Championship. As the name suggests, this is a NERF first-person shooter. In the game players use a wide arsenal of NERF weapons to fight opponents in PvP battles. Complimenting the gun gameplay is a parkour system that allows users to run on walls and jump across large gaps to create a fluid, fast paced, combat system. This title is exclusive to the Meta Quest 2 and launches August 25.

That’s all the major VR game releases coming August 2022. It is a fairly light month for games, but there are a couple of major releases like Red Matter 2 to put on your radar.

Thoughts on the VR game releases in August 2022? Drop them in the comments below.


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