Valve Steam Deck is On Track to Ship in February, Company Says

The Valve Steam Deck is on track to begin shipping in February, Valve has revealed. The handheld device, that was announced last year, has already suffered one delay in shipment. This delay pushed the launch into 2022, with Valve now saying the launch window is fast approaching. This is good news for owners that pre-ordered the device as they will only have to wait a month or so before consoles start arriving.

Steam Deck Release Coming Soon

News revealing the console launch was posted on the official Steam Deck twitter account and Steam Community. The post made by the company states that the company is “…on track to ship Steam Deck on time.” The timeline for the launch is the end of February for individuals who were part of the first-wave of pre-orders.

Another bright spot in the announcement is that Valve has been sending out waves of development kits to studios to start building on. They have already shipped hundreds of these dev units and expect to ship more in another wave.

Alongside the announcement the company shared an image featuring a number of Steam Decks plugged in on-top of their carrying cases. If you preordered a deck you can track its order status on the Steam website and app.

The Steam Deck originally planned to release in December 2021, but the pandemic and supply chain issues pushed the release date into the new year. The new device from Valve serves a handheld device that allows players to play their Steam library on the go.

What games will be supported on the Steam Deck have yet to be revealed. Rumors are swirling that a Half Life title could be coming to the handheld device from Steam. The studio typically creates software for their new hardware.

Excited for the Valve Steam Deck to finally release? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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