Valley Guide – Vigil: The Longest Night

Upon traveling through both the Outskirts of Maye and the Village you will reach the Valley. Unlike both of those areas the Valley is a rather large zone you will need to explore. In this zone you will encounter various enemies, items, and NPCs to advance the main story of Vigil: The Longest Night. To help you complete this zone use our Valley guide below.

Valley Map and Guide

Image showing the Valley map in Vigil: The Longest Night.

At the top of the ladder head to the right to reach the waterfall. Take out the slime along the bridge and continue to the right to reach a treasure chest with 100 Gold inside it. Head back to the waterfall and climb up the stone platforms to reach an Owl Statue. Save at the statue if needed.

Head right to the right of the statue and climb up the wooden platforms along the right wall. At the top of these platforms you will encounter a wooden walkway with two enemies on it. Defeat these enemies and follow the platform left. Do not go off the wood. Instead drop down the furthest left corner (where the wood meets stone) to more wooden platforms below. Here you will find the first location of Mukddars. Speak to him to find him then head back up and left to reach a stone path.

Image showing the jump required to reach the upper waterfall in the Valley.

Follow the path left and grab the A Corner of Scrap Cloth. Before you continue left to reach the next area called Secret Trail you can explore the upper part of the waterfall. To do this make the jump off the rock to the right (as pictured above).

In this upper area of the waterfall head to the right to find a Small Shimmer Stone. Use the rock platforms to reach the top where you will find a chest with Throwing Knives in it and the Professor who will give you Wooden Hanging Shaft. Head to the right of the Professor to find a Fledgling’s Blood Soul behind a rock. Once you’ve collected this items backtrack to the entrance leading to the Secret Trail and go through it into that area.

After Defeating Brood Mother

If you follow the path leading out of the Brood Mother’s boss arena in the Secret Trail you will end up back in the Valley. If you looked on the map you will have noticed a section that appeared blocked off by a rock. This section is where you emerge allowing you to clear the rocks out of your way. When you clear the rocks you will encounter Isabella. Speak to her and she will disappear. Use the Owl Statue to save and head back to Maye Town.

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