How to Unlock Golden Guns Overwatch

Golden guns typically represent the pinnacle of gaming excellence. In the N64’s Goldeneye, the Golden Gun was capable of killing enemies with a single bullet. Newer games have worked the idea of Golden weapons into skin packs and Overwatch is no exception. Below is our guide on how to unlock Golden Guns in Overwatch.

What are Golden Guns?

Golden Guns in Overwatch are simply weapon skins which can be purchased for each individual champion. The skins provide now added bonuses of any kind, but simply look awesome and act as a good way to pimp your character out.

How to Unlock Golden Guns?

The Golden Gun skins can be unlocked only one way: playing a hell of a lot of competitive play in Overwatch. Winning matches in Competitive mode allows players to earn competitive points. These points can be used to buy Golden Gun skins. The magic number to unlock a skin is 3000 competitive points. Keep in mind that each match win only grants a few competitive points, so be prepared to grind.

Once you manage to earn enough points, simply go to the Hero Gallery and select which character you want to unlock the golden gun skin for. Each character will need to be unlocked separately, so have fun. Obviously if you are not a completionist, simply pick skins for you mains.

What the Golden Gun skins look like

Before you start grinding, you may be curious as to what the skins look like. YouTuber Valkia has a good video that shows off each skin. Give it a peep below and pick which one you want to start working towards! Let’s be real though, the golden revolver looks sick.

What did you think of this unlock golden guns guide? Have a favourite Golden Gun skin in Overwatch? Let me know in the Pit below.


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