How to Unlock Arthur’s Catacomb Skin in Arena of Valor

In celebration of the soft launch of Arena of Valor, players are being given the oppurtunity to unlock the Catacomb skin for Arthur. The Catacomb skin changes Arthur’s appearance to that of a skeleton. To find out how to unlock Arthur’s Catacomb skin, read the guide below. Update: The Soft Launch Event is now finished.


Collect 20 Valor Badges to unlock Arthur’s Catacomb skin.

The requirements for unlocking Arthur’s Catacomb skin are relatively simple. During the Soft Launch event (ends January 4th), you will need to collect 20 Valor Badges. A random amount (1-5) of Valor Badges can be found inside Battle Chest – Arthur’s Catacombs (limit of 5 per day).

Collecting Valor Badges

The main way of collecting the Battle Chest – Arthur’s Catacombs to open for Valor Badges is by playing any online game mode of Arena of Valor (bot matches don’t count). I personally found playing 1v1s and Abyssal Clash to both be rather quick and easy ways to collect the required Valor Badges. The total amount of Valor Badges you have can be seen in your Backpack.

Unlock Catacombs Skin

Once you’ve collected a total of 20 Valor Badges, access the events tab from the front page. Select the “Battle to win an exclusive skin” tab on the left and you should see Catacombs Arthur at the top. Select redeem to unlock Arthur’s Catacomb skin. That’s it! Congrats on unlocking an exclusive skin!

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