How To Unlock a Ghost Girl in Magikarp Jump

Magikarp Jump has a bunch of secrets to find ranging from getting a Gyarados to meet a spooky ghost girl. All these secrets, unlock events which are tracked in the event dex. In this guide, I’m gonna highlight how to unlock Event #30, Be Gone, which basically involves a Ghost Girl in Magikarp Jump.

Step 1: Tap on the TV

There’s a TV beside the pool which gives you access to the Magikarp Song, this TV holds the key to unlocking Event #30. All you need to do here is continually tap and cancel on the TV until the screen goes static. This completes step 1!

Step 2: Keep Tapping

First of all, I lied a touch. You need to keep tapping the TV more, but this time until the screen shuts off. This shouldn’t take very long, so keep tapping until it goes off. This completes step 2 of event #30!

Step 3: Level Up Magikarp

All you need to do after completing the TV taping is level up Magikarp. This can be done any normal levelling way. Once Magikarp is levelled up, Event #30 triggers. Prepare to meet a creepy Ghost Girl!

Step 4: Enjoy Event #30 “Be Gone”

Event #30 is a bit out of left field for the whole tone of Magikarp Jump. The event trigger when Magikarp sense something and in floats a Ghost Girl. The Ghost Girl tells you to be gone, which scares Magikarp. You can choose to stay or leave. Staying doesn’t do anything but repeat the encounter, so leave. This completes Event #30 and raises Magikarps max level by 1! Thanks dead ghost girl!

That’s all there is to the creep Ghost Girl event. Congratulations on unlocking what is obviously some type of reference to The Ring (I mean TV + Ghost Girl). There are more Events to unlock and Magikarps to jump, so get training!


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