Unity 2018 Teaser For Book of the Dead Drops

Unity Technologies has dropped the first Unity 2018 teaser with their upcoming short dubbed Book of the Dead. This short follows a long line of videos developed by Unity’s Demo team to show of their upcoming game production technology. Watch the Book of the Dead teaser below.

Unity 2018 Teaser

The teaser shows off a number of interesting visuals including dense foliage, detailed landscapes, intricate tree carvings, strange tree creatures and a giant stone statue. As Unity points outs, ” All of the natural environment assets in the demo are photogrammetry-scanned real-world objects and textures. The majority of them come from Quixel Megascans, a publicly available library of high-quality scanned assets, which is used widely by high-end game production and film VFX professionals alike.” Pulling from really world scans, really makes the environment of the teaser seem real and life like.

Visually the teaser looks good and bodes well for game productions utilizing Unity technology going forward. To read more on Unity 2018, check out this link. If you’re interested in trying out Unity 2018, check out the Unity beta program.

How developers choose to utilize the new technology out of Unity will be interesting to see. Two of my top games of 2017 were built on Unity engines, so I’m interested to see what developers do going forward.

How does Unity 2018 look to you? Thoughts on the demo? Let me know in The Pit below.


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