Tyler1 Returns to League of Legends – Sets Twitch Record

If you’ve been on Twitch for the past few years, you have probably heard about the streamer Tyler1 (Channel). Tyler1 is a notorious League of Legends streamer/player who’s return to the game (after a 2 year ban) yesterday broke a Twitch viewership record.

Originally Tyler started his Twitch career as a League of Legends streamer, but quickly ran into issues with Riot over his attitude. Riot eventually decided they had had enough of Tyler1, and indefinitely banned him from streaming League of Legends in 2016. Tyler1 shifted to become a more variety streamer and grew out a sizeable community on Twitch.

Fast forward to 2017 and Tyler was now sitting as a top streamer on the platform pulling in anywhere from 15-20k viewers at a time. During this time, Tyler1 inexplicably went on a hiatus; not streaming for months at a time until eventually returning for the TCS (Tyler1 Championship Series) – an LCS clone featuring a number of retired professional players. This event proved to be a huge hit on the platform and pulled in around +200k viewers at it’s peak. The TCS would set the stage for Tyler1’s return to League streaming and 2018 would be the time.

Yesterday, Riot officially unbanned Tyler1 and the Twitch return stream was record breaking. The original title for most viewed solo stream was held by League of Legends phenom Faker, who hit +200k viewers when he first switched over to Twitch. Tyler1 pulled in an absolutely mind blowing +400k viewers at his peak yesterday. To watch the historic stream, check out the VOD here.

Regardless of your thoughts on Tyler, this made for an insane story which ended with Twitch history being made.

lolTyler1’s Twitch Channel

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