Twitch is a behemoth in the world of video game streaming. With such a huge audience and millions of streamers, there is often news breaking every single day. Our Twitch section aims to keep you in the loop of things like updates, milestones, and other breaking news as it happens.

Alongside news, you will also find the Twitch Tuesday segment, a monthly recommendation of streamers we’ve been watching lately.

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Donald Trump is Now a Twitch Streamer

NBA Players, NFL Players, Singers, Actors, and now a President of the United States? Twitch, no stranger to hosting celebrities of all types on their platform is now getting one of the biggest celebrities of all, Donald Trump. That’s right...

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Twitch Tuesday: The_Happy_Hob No Hit Streamer

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Twitch Tuesday (last one was Reckful in June of 2017), but I felt like throwing one together today. If you don’t know, Twitch Tuesday,  is (was?) a monthly segment where I highlight...

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Tyler1 Returns to League of Legends – Sets Twitch Record

If you’ve been on Twitch for the past few years, you have probably heard about the streamer Tyler1 (Channel). Tyler1 is a notorious League of Legends streamer/player who’s return to the game (after a 2 year ban) yesterday broke a...

StockStream 2

StockStream Puts a New Spin on Stock Trading

Back in 2014, TwitchPlaysPokemon took the internet by storm. The channel’s concept was simple, Twitch chat would vote and playthrough Pokemon Red. Creating an interactive stream proved to be rather successful and spawned a number of imitators including TwitchPlaysDark. As...

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Twitch Tuesday: Reckful

Update (02/07/20): Reckful passed away today. RIP. It’s been awhile since I threw together another Twitch recommendation for you all, so here’s one, Reckful. Reckful is a streamer who has been on Twitch for quite a while. He streams a...


Distortion2 Twitch Tuesday

It’s Tuesday so that means it’s time for me to recommend another Twitch streamer to you. Last month I recommended LobosJr and to stay with the Dark Souls theme, this month I’m recommending Dark Souls’ series speedrunner, Distortion2. Distortion2 streams...