Twitch Tuesday: Clint “Never Green” Stevens

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In the early days of Twitch, speedrunning was all the rage. Games like Ocarina of Time dominated top viewership with streamers like Cosmo delivering glitch infused runs and personal bests. Unfortunately the great speedrunning ‘boom’ has gone bust, with very few runners hitting solid viewer numbers anymore. Why am I talking about twitch history and speedrunning? Well this ties into how I discovered ClintStevens.

Full disclosure, I only began to watch Clint with any regularity about a month ago. I was scrolling through games and noticed that OOT was getting more then usual viewership numbers. As I usually do, I clicked to investigate. I discovered a streamer who is not only entertaining, but is crazy good at OOT. Like crazy good. What is even more impressive about CS, is the fact he runs the 100% category, meaning he does what many of us casual users failed to ever accomplish, in a little over 4 hours and ~25 mins.

While Clint is incredibly skilled as a speedrunner, his channel shines for a few reasons. Clint is incredibly laid back as a caster and his channel reflects that. He comes of as personable and plays off chat very well. The funny tangents and awkward questions are incredibly entertaining. Clint often streams late at night, which is perfect for people like me that keep horrible hours. As a channel, Clint has been seeing tremendous growth and has become a staple of late night Twitch. If you like OOT and wanna see crazy action, check out ClintStevens.

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