Twitch Tuesday: Boogie2988

I was thinking how to follow up last months TT, so I spent some time going over Twitch streamers I watch. Low and behold, Boogie2988 came to mind. What’s interesting about Boogie2988 is that he is a successful Youtuber turned streamer. Arguably most famous for his Francis character who loves Mountain Dew, I find Boogie himself to be very like able.


Property of Boogie2988

Boogie tends to stream various new releases. The last few days he has been playing The Division beta. Other games he has streamed include Fallout 4, H1Z1, Just Cause 3 to name a few(he also does Magic: The Gathering case openings as well).  Boogie tends to stream regularly so you can often find him on in the evenings.

Overall Boogie’s stream is a funny, interesting watch. I will admit he is only ‘okay’ at games, but only looking at that element is a severe disservice. Boogie’s Youtube vlogging ability shines through on the stream, as he will often go on interesting tangents regarding various subjects (like the FineBros situation). The Streams production quality is good, the video is crisp and clear and  the audio sounds good as well. If I managed to peak your interest give Twitch show him some love….. And here on Youtube as well.

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Twitch Tuesday is a monthly post which highlights Twitch streamers I follow and enjoy watching. If you don’t know what Twitch is, go here

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  1. enricofairme says:

    They released all trademarks, so Reactworld is dead now

  2. FilmApe says:

    What are your thoughts on the FineBros situation?

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