Town Upgrades: How to Unlock – Gleaner Heights

Gleaner Heights is an indie farm game similar to the likes of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. In the game, you play as a farmer who has recently moved to Gleaner Heights and is attempting to make a new life for themselves. Gleaner Heights, being of modest financial means, will ask you to help them by upgrading certain aspects of the town. Here are the various Gleaner Heights town upgrades.

Accessing Town Upgrades

To access to the town upgrades, you will need to progress through the story a little bit. Basically you will arrive in Gleaner Heights and meet the mayor. He will tell you that a mysterious stranger will visit you during the night. Once you’ve been visited by the mysterious stranger (happened on second night for me), the next morning the mayor will tell you about Town Upgrades. To access the upgrades, go to the mayor’s house between 19:00 – 21:00 on any day.


Cost: 20000

Time: 1 Day

Description: Restore the dilapidated pier below the hotel. A boat is added for traversing the river.

Purpose: Fixing the Pier allows you to sail and dive (after getting diving suit recipe from Ken). Having access to diving allows you to fight a boss, while sailing allows you to access a couple of areas with loot.


Cost: 5000

Time: 3 Days

Description: The town well has been abandoned for many years…

Purpose: Inside the well you will find Denny’s Sword. Returning the sword to Denny nets you a Shadow Plum (consuming improves stamina).



Cost: 10000

Time: 3 Days

Description: Restore the town playground. Kids will love it. In fact, everyone will.

Purpose: Raises the affection towards you of everyone in the town slightly.

Completing all three town upgrades will earn you the Benefactor achievement. Keep in mind that getting the game’s ending is not reliant upon having completed any of the town upgrades.

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