Top 10 Highest Earning Games Ever

When inventor Ralph H.Baer created the Black Box in 1967, it is hard to imagine just how impactful the creation would be. Since the creation of the first Video Game console, gaming has become a global phenomenon. Players from all over the world now dump both tremendous amounts of time and money into their digital hobby. Since the Black Box’s limited selection of only six games, huge developers have started producing large amounts of gaming products. Last year alone, global revenue for the Video Game industry was 101.62 Billion dollars and the industry shows no sign of slowing down. With so much money being spent on gaming, I thought I would present the top 10 highest earning games ever (by copies sold). Enjoy.

10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (30 Million Copies)

top 10 highest earning games

Created back in 2011, Skyrim is the wildly popular fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series. Boasting new graphics, a huge world, dragons, and hours upon hours of gameplay, Skyrim still is incredibly popular today. With tremendous support for modding, the Skyrim community really keeps the game alive and has helped secure sales of 30 million copies. Skyrim was so successful it spawned a remastered edition this year and has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

9. Diablo III (also 30 Million Copies)

top 10 highest earning games

Another game that reached the 30 Million mark is Blizzard’s loot based Diablo III. Like Skyrim, Diablo III was another installment in a hugely successful series. While many people love the series, I have never actually played any Diablo game. Regardless, there is a huge community out there who loves collecting loot and killing beasts.

8. New Super Mario Bros. (30.79 Million Copies)

top 10 highest earning games

The first of what will be many Nintendo games on this list is New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. The inclusion of this game is actually mind blowing given that New Super Mario Bros. was only released on one console, the DS. This is the first game on the list which is not multiplatform, so selling 30.79 million copies is super impressive. As for the game, it’s Mario and everyone loves Mario so no surprise there.

7. Wii Sports Resort (32.80 Million Copies)

top 10 highest earning games

Remember when the Wii came out and literally everyone had one? Like everyone? The Wii Sports series was pretty much a given if you wanted to try out the Wii’s wacky motion controls. Now Wii Sports Resort is not to be confused with Wii Sports (will see that again) as it came out in 2009, three years after the release of Wii Sports in 2006. Wii Sports Resort brought a whole new collection of minigames to Wiis all over the world.

6. Mario Kart Wii (36.38 Million Copies)

Three straight Nintendo game on the list so far with Mario Kart Wii being the third of the bunch. Selling 36.38 million copies, Mario Kart Wii was another must have title for Wii owners. If you can remember back to 2008, Mario Kart Wii had a specific peripheral in the Wii Wheel which made the game incredibly hard to control. Wii Wheel aside, Mario Kart Wii is a classic game which had some incredible couch play.


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3 responses

  1. FartDungeon says:

    As a connoisseur of all this video and game related I find it a shot to the heart that you have not played Diablo 3. Coming from someone who may or may not have put in over 600 hours in the game I think that you would enjoy it immensely.

  2. PC+PS+NIN Alliace says:

    I know fanboys will attack me, but Skyrim is extremely overrated. No, it isn’t because I “durr hurr hate game ‘everyone’ loves”, but merely for the fact, as a long standing series, which excelled in the past, Skyrim brought nothing new to the table. The only reason why it is touted as being ‘the best of the best’ is merely for the n**e mods (PC side) and because Xbox fans want to hold it over PS/Nintendo fans as being the “definitive version”.

    Lets not forget, the reason why Skyrim keeps selling, is due to the under-aged kids that think this game is the true pinnacle of RPGs/Action-Adventure games. Actually, another thing, the weird (occult-like) obsession with Todd Howard, among Bethesda fanboys.

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