Tom Cruise Runs Drugs in New American Made Trailer

Everyone’s favorite movie star, Tom Cruise is at it again, this time as the star of American Made. We got our first look at the upcoming movie in the release of a new American Made trailer. The trailer features all the staples of a crime film: drugs, money, women, guns, and the Mexican Cartel.

American Made Trailer

As the trailer points out, American Made is based on a “true story”. Tom Cruise portrays Barry Seal, a former commercial pilot turned drug runner for the CIA during the 1980s. As Barry Seal gets deeper into smuggling, things get more and more ridiculous. Besides Cruise, there really isn’t much star power here, with the next noteworthy actor being Domhnall Gleeson.

The general vibe I got from the trailer was similar to Matthew McConaughey’s Gold. Tom Cruise plays an average Joe who gets caught up in illegal activities. Things go well until greed takes hold and the character inevitably loses everything and the film ends. I will say that some of the flight sequences looked interesting, but aside from that there ain’t much here that got me all that excited.


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  1. Ham Fiddler says:

    Me like. Looks like a fun ride. Plus a little Tom Cruise goes a long way

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