Tom Clancy’s XDefiant revealed today by Ubisoft, player test August 5th

A new multi-player first person shooter has been revealed by Ubisoft San Francisco. This new free-to play shooter is part of the Tom Clancy universe and is called Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. Sign up for the first PC Canada and USA player test on August 5th can be done at

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant Reveal Trailer and Details

The XDefiant shooter takes characters from a variety of Ubisoft IPs and throws them together on the battlefield. Four factions were shown in the reveal Wolves – Tank, Cleaners – Assault, Outcast – Healer, and Echelon – Support. These factions feature special class-based builds and loadouts. Loadouts can be changed on death. Each faction has it’s own abilities that come out of the game’s they come from.

In an interview following the reveal Mark Rubin spoke on the game’s development cycle. He committed to supporting the game well into its life after launch. Community and community feedback is a major part of the design process. Communication will be paramount. The developers will be looking to see what the community likes and dislikes and will act accordingly.

The developers emphasized the game is shooter first focused with emphasis on fast-paced arena style combat. The guns themselves have been the focus of a lot of design resources. They showed off a reload animation for a weapon that looked pretty slick.

There are three modes coming in the play test and 11 maps. The modes will provide a variety of gameplay types and variety. New maps will be released frequently. Each map is built around locations from different Ubisoft games.

No release date was official given as the game is in early development. The studio is taking a very hands-on, community driven approach to development. There will be numerous player tests so sign up if you are wanting to try out the game.

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  1. Teac says:

    I’m interested to see what this “community” driven game is going to look like. Looks like they’re in operating a lot of division content, which I’m happy with since I enjoyed the game. What worries me most is that it is supposed to be a free too play. Usually means pay to win.

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