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Once you reach the end game of Outriders you will unlock a special vendor called Tiago. Tiago sells Epic and Legendary items to players for purchase using a special currency called Drop Pod Resources. Drop Pod Resources come from completing Expedition missions. Tiago the vendor will reset his items on offer. To learn more about this vendor check out our Tiago vendor shop guide below.

Where to Find Tiago

Image showing the Tiago Vendor in Outriders.

The vendor Tiago can be found in your different camps in each level sitting at a fire. He becomes unlocked once you complete the main story of Outriders. Once this vendor is unlocked you can speak with him to trade. This is done by approaching Tiago and saying “Can we trade some resources?” then following up with “Good. Then let’s hit the road.” Once you say this Tiago’s vendor screen will open.

What Does Tiago Sell

Image showing the Tiago vendor screen in Outriders.

Note: Armor pieces for sale are class specific while weapons are same across classes.

Tiago sells end-game items for players to purchase. The end-game for sale items are of two types: Regular Offer and Elite Offer. The Regular Offer section refreshes every 1.5 hours and contains Epic gear for purchase. The Elite Offer section contains Legendary gear for purchase. The Elite Offer section has no refresh time currently. Both groups of items are sold by Tiago for Drop Pod Resources. Tiago is currently selling the following Elite Offers.

Devastator Elite Offer Armor for Sale

  • Statue’s Feet (Footgear).
  • Seismic Commander’s Gloves (Gloves).
  • Deathproof Chest Armor (Upper Armor).
  • Marshal’s Helmet (Headgear).

Trickster Elite Offer Armor for Sale

  • Footwear of the Edge of Time (Footgear).
  • Tresspasser’s Britches (Lower Armor).
  • Chronosuit Gloves (Gloves).
  • Ugake Otarah’s Talisman (Upper Armor)

Pyromancer Elite Offer Armor for Sale

  • Torturer’s Waistcloth (Lower Armor).
  • Helmet of Acari (Headgear).
  • Hands of the Reforged (Gloves).
  • Boots of the Lava Lich (Footgear).

Technomancer Elite Offer Armor for Sale

  • Robes of the Borealis Monarch (Upper Armor).
  • Plague Sower’s Trousers (Lower Armor).
  • Grim Inventor’s Gloves (Gloves).
  • Torrential Downpour’s Goggles (Headgear).

All Class Weapons for Sale

  • Iceberg (Sniper Rifle).
  • Wicker (SMG).
  • Bulwark (Auto Shotgun).
  • Juggler (AR).

You will want to check the Tiago store regularly as this merchant sells the good end-game stuff. The items for sale in his store are high level and typically are better than what you have currently. I will update this page when the Elite Offers update each week. If you see something in the store you may like to have let me know in the comments and we can get meetup going.

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11 responses

  1. Joshua Kinser says:

    I’m looking for the pants of the edge of time

  2. Jd says:

    I notice on my game the weapons he is selling are level 45 and level cap is 30 is this a bug or is there a increase coming?

  3. Morinkashi0189 says:

    I suddenly got the bulwark on 98k and when i got the amount required to buy it, the weapon drop to 86k, anyone knows why???

  4. ZOOTS says:

    PS: The Ugake Otarah’s Talisman (Headgear) for Trickster it’s actually the upper armor, not headgear. 😉

  5. Joseph Whitworth says:

    Do we have a day and time for the reset?

  6. Tiln says:

    The cost depends on your Max Wearable Item Level, at level 50, that cost is 85328.

  7. Ghasi says:

    the guns were the same for me, but because i’m a trickster i had different clothes. something to note

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