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What’s going on you beautiful Resetors? What a time to be a fan of gaming. It seems that every week there is a new title to pick up and play. This week saw the drop of Call of Duty: WWII which I ended up playing a ton of. Because of this I only really put up guides this week, so The Weekly Reset will be a bit short today. If this doesn’t interest you, come back next week and things will hopefully be back to being a bit more varied (if I can get FilmApe back to work).

Call of Duty WWII Guides Galore


This week’s launch of Call of Duty: WWII was one of the larger game releases this year. As a package, COD: WWII has a number of different game modes to explore. While I ventured into PvP a bit, I found solace in the PvE portions of the game. While doing my playthrough of COD: WWII, I threw together a number of guides that may be beneficial to you:

Misc Guides

5 Things To Do After Beating Hollow Knight

I put up a couple of other miscellaneous guides this week that were unrelated to COD. If you play Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, or Destiny 2, these guides may prove interesting to you. Check out the links below if you’re interested:

On The Slab: Need For Speed Payback (November 10th)

Need For Speed Payback drops on November 10th this week. The newest entry in the street racing series seems to be heavily borrowing from the Fast and Furious franchise, which may be fun or complete trash. I probably won’t be picking this up, but you may see it in my Steam Library on Friday (I’m impulsive).

Last week’s The Weekly Reset

That’s all for The Weekly Reset. Tell me your thoughts on the posts in The Pit below!


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