The Weekly Reset #8 – Paul Thomas Anderson Trailer Drops, FilmApe Gets Spooky, And Hollow Knight Update Drops

Another week is in the books here at Hold To Reset, and boy was it a busy one. This week saw the drop of the new Paul Thomas Anderson trailer; FilmApe COUNT-downs the Top 25 80’s Horror Films; and a new Hollow Knight update. Catch up on all these topics in The Weekly Reset below.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread Trailer Drops

Weekly Reset

When there’s a lull in film news, FilmApe often heads deep into the jungle where he remains until something interesting pops up. These jungle withdrawals can last days to sometimes even weeks. Thankfully, this week saw some seriously intriguing film news for FilmApe in the release of a trailer for Paul Thoma’s Anderson’s Phantom Thread. This news was enough to get the Ape back to the city and more importantly, back to work. FilmApe’s write up on the Phantom Thread trailer can be found here, and let’s just say he’s excited.

FilmApe Gets Spooky For Halloween

Weekly Reset

Alongside hyping up the new Paul Thomas Anderson joint, FilmApe also embarked on one of his more intriguing projects on Hold To Reset. With Halloween on the horizon, FilmApe hopped into his trusty time machine in order to countdown the top 25 1980’s horror films. This countdown was split across five posts and features a number of flicks you’ll want to check out this Halloween season:

#25 – #21

#20 – #16 

#15 – #11

#10 – #6

#5 – #1

Hollow Knight’s The Grimm Troupe Update Drops Early

Weekly Reset

Team Cherry, the developers behind Hollow Knight, pulled a bit of a fast one on us this week by releasing The Grimm Troupe update early. Being a mega fan, I dove head first into the newest update. This update brings new bosses, new charms, and more. If you’re interested, I put together a guide on how to access the new content. Check it out here.

On The Slab

Weekly Reset

Call of Duty: WWII comes out this week on November 3rd. I’m slightly intrigued by the game’s new direction, but don’t know if I will be pulling the trigger on a purchase for this one. Let me know if you think this new COD will be any good.

That’s all for The Weekly Reset. Tell me your thoughts on the posts in The Pit below!


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