The Weekly Reset #23 – Fortnite Mobile Trailer, Monster Hunter World Update, and More

Hello Resetors. Another week has come to an end in this thing called life. During the week there were a number of interesting announcements made by various studios. Since Sunday is the day of The Weekly Reset, let’s take a look back at some of the more noteworthy pieces that appeared on the site.

Fortnite Mobile Trailer Launches + iOS Invite Event Goes Live

How to Sign Up For Fortnite Mobile iOS Invite Event

Epic Games Fortnite continues its streak of being the darling of the video game world. This week the studio released a trailer for the mobile version of the game, and announced that the game will be hitting Android and iOS later this year. Alongside the trailer release Epic opened registration for the Invite Event on iOS, and the game went live on Thursday. Besides news of the mobile version, Fortnite helped a streamer Ninja set a Twitch milestone with 600k+ concurrent viewers during a livestream with Drake and other celebrities. So all and all it was another good week for Fortnite.

Monster Hunter World Update is Coming

Capcom hosted a livestream this week which laid out the studios plans for upcoming content in Monster Hunter World, and let’s just say that hunters should be excited. First up we got a date for when the new monster Deviljho is coming and it’s soon. On March 22nd the Deviljho update will launch and it will feature a number of interesting additions to the successful monster hunting title. Alongside news of the new update, Capcom revealed a new collaboration between Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry which features a number of Dante inspired pieces.

Jurassic World Evolution Will Feature Jeff Goldblum

Back in August 2017, Frontier Developments (the studio behind Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster) revealed an early look at Jurassic World Evolution, a park building game set in the Jurassic Park universe. Today we got further news on the title with the announcement that Jeff Goldblum is in Jurassic World Evolution. 

Upcoming title Jurassic World Evolution, an upcoming park builder out of Frontier Developments, has revealed a bit more about the title, including who we can expect to see in the game. In a recently released trailer, we learned that everyone’s favorite skeptical mathematician Ian Malcolm will be helping you along the way. Actor Jeff Goldblum made the announcement that he will be playing Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World Evolution. All that’s really left to be said is that life (or in this case, games) finds a way.

On The Slab: Busy Week

Image of A Way Out logo

After what has been a couple of rather light weeks for video gaming we finally enter a crazy few weeks. This week sees the release of A Way OutDetective Pikachu, and Sea Of Thieves. Two of these games I am excited for. Besides these new games, we are also getting a few girthy DLCs and title updates for both South Park The Fractured But Whole and Monster Hunter World. I will be covering all these titles this week, so keep it locked in at HTR.

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