The Weekly Reset #22 – Fortnite For Days, Dark Souls Trilogy No Hit Run, Nintendo Direct, and More

Daylight savings is to blame for this late The Weekly Reset. I intended to get this out around the time I would normally (12 p.m. PST), but felt super tired all day. That being said, I somehow managed to dig deep inside and wrote this up (I’m the hero you deserve). With that aside, it was an incredibly busy week for gaming news, with major announcements out of Fornite and Nintendo, along with some other stuff thrown in for good measure. Let’s take a look at The Weekly Reset.

Fortnite Was Busy this Week

How to Sign Up For Fortnite Mobile iOS Invite Event

Mega popular Fortnite was in the news a ton this week as it made a major announcement surrounding the future of its game. Fortnite is going mobile, and with it comes the announcement of Cross Play between PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This is a huge deal for gaming and could position Epic Games as a dominant force in the new gaming landscape. To read more about the announcement go here.

Since Fortnite had a number of articles this week, I’m just going to list them off below:

Streamer The Happy Hob No Hits Dark Souls Trilogy

I spend a lot of time watching Twitch while I am working on other things. One streamer I’ve been enjoying lately is The Happy Hob. This streamer runs Soulsborne games in a no hit fashion. This week saw The Happy Hob complete the Trilogy, which is all three Dark Souls without getting hit. Watching the wr stream live was a fun experience as The Happy Hob is both a good player and solid entertainer. To read more about The Happy Hob’s world record, check out this article.

Nintendo Direct

Image of the Nintendo Direct for March 8, 2018

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct this week and essentially laid out what gamers can expect for the coming year on both 3DS and Switch. On the 3DS side of things, there isn’t a ton coming (though we are getting Detective Pikachu next week). The Switch, however, has a number of titles coming, including Crash Bandicoot, Dark Souls, and a Super Smash Bros. To read up on the entire list of announced games, check out this post.

DLC News – South Park The Fractured But Whole and Far Cry 5

The Weekly Reset #22 - South Park The Fractured But Whole DLC

Both South Park The Fractured But Whole and Far Cry 5 showed off their upcoming DLCs the week. South Park‘s DLC is releasing this month, March 20th, and will be what appears to be a parody of From Dusk Till Dawn. Far Cry 5, which has yet to release, laid out their planned DLCs for the future and it includes three pieces of content along with a map editor.

Reviewed – Gleaner Heights & Bloodborne

The Weekly Reset #22 - Bloodborne Review

I dropped a couple of reviews earlier this week of indie game Gleaner Heights and 2015’s GOTY Bloodborne. Gleaner Heights is a newly released title which I dumped a ton of time into, but found myself wanting a bit more out of the game. Bloodborne was a finally got around to playing it piece and I really enjoyed my experience with the game.

On the Slab – Nothing for Me, But Nintendudes Get Kirby

The Weekly Reset #22 - Kirby Star Allies

Another light week in terms of new releases. There’s nothing coming out that I am personally interested in playing, but Nintendo fans will be getting their hands on a new Kirby on Friday (March 15th), in Kirby: Star Allies. Besides Kirby it’s a pretty barren week for new releases. Next week should be better as a couple of titles are dropping that have me excited (you’ll have to wait and see what they are).

That’s all for The Weekly Reset. Have a good week everyone.

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