The Weekly Reset #18 – Past Cure Look, Tons of News, Deals, and Monster Hunter World Consumes Me

I managed to break away from Monster Hunter: World long enough to throw together this Weekly Reset. This week saw a number of interesting stories out of the gaming and film industries. This week saw the release of the US games industry revenue, promotional art for Overwatch‘s Blizzardworld map, God of War release date, and the return of Black Dynamite.

What is that? Took a Look at indie title Past Cure

The Weekly Reset #18 - Past Cure Look

Image via Phantom 8 Studios

To start the week off, I took a look at Phantom 8’s upcoming Past Cure. Past Cure looks to be returning to the roots of action-stealth gameplay that was prolific in the 90s/early 2000’s, In the game, players take on the role of Ian, an ex-special forces soldier who has been subjected to extreme expermination which results in the various abilities he posses. These abilities allow Ian to manipulate time, map out areas, and more. If third person, action-stealth titles are of interest to you, head on over to our look at Past Cure.


The Weekly Reset #18 - News

Image via Nintendo

This week saw a number of news articles ran on the site (I told you I would do more). I won’t go through them all, but will instead drop links below to every news article we ran this week. If I may be so bold, I recommend checking out the article on the US game Industry’s revenue numbers. It’s a very good time to be in the industry (apparently). Here’s what else we ran this week:

Movie/TV News



The Weekly Reset #18 - Deals

Image via Sony.

Deals is a new section we’ve been working on here at HTR. The main purpose of this section is to highlight deals for gamers. Currently this means listing Games with Gold, PlayStation Plus, and Preorder Bonuses, but we are looking to expand it further. Here are the deals we covered this week:


The Weekly Reset #18 - Walkthroughs

The first time I pet my Poogie it attacked me. Screw you.

Monster Hunter: World is the first big AAA release of 2018, and so far Capcom has nailed the delivery. There are a ton of monster to fight, gear to collect, and beautiful locales to explore. I’ve been going pretty hard on walkthroughs for the game over the weekend. If you are interested in checking any of them out, check out our Monster: Hunter World walkthrough section.

On the Slab: More Munster Hunter

The Weekly Reset #18 - Upcoming

I will be spending my week playing more Monster Hunter: World. With that being said, fans of Final Fantasy will be getting Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on the 30th, while fans of UFC will be getting UFC 3 on February 2. You gonna pick up either of these titles this week?

Stay moldy

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