The Surge Walkthrough

Deck13’s The Surge is out now and fans are beginning to face off against tough enemies scattered around the CREOS facility. As The Surge is a Souls – like, that means you will be spending a bit of time wondering what you should be doing. As the CREO facility is quite large, there is plenty of areas to explore. This means you will most likely get lost at some point while you try to make your way through the main story. That’s where this The Surge walkthrough guide comes in. Check out this page for a collection of our The Surge walkthroughs and guides.

The Surge Walkthrough

1. Abandoned Production

2. Central Production B

3. Resolve Biolabs


Miscellaneous The Surge Walkthrough Guides

1. 5 Things to know About The Surge

2. The Surge Boss List

3. Boss Weapons

4. Iron Maus Armor location

5. Streams


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