Iron Maus Set Location – The Surge

As you play through The Surge, you may have noticed some huge hulking Smelter machines in various areas. In total there are 5 Smelting Machines scattered around the CREO facility. When you kill one of these Smelting Machines, they dropped a coin. What exactly are these coins for? Well I’m glad you asked. Collecting 5 of these Shining Coins from the Smelting Machines, gives you access to the Iron Maus set. This set is pretty badass (if you’re in to looking like a mouse), so I’ll show you how to get it. Below you will find all the Smelting Machine locations, then the location of where to redeem the Shining Coins for the Iron Maus set.

Abandoned Production (1 Shining Coin)

The first Smelting Machine can be found in Abandoned Production near the large concrete pipes tucked away in the corner.

Recycling (2 Shining Coins)

Inside the large recycling room in Central Planning B (where you need to activate the bridge), you will find two Smelting Machines. Defeating each machine gives you a Shining Coin.

Resolve Biolabs (1 Shining Coin)

When you make it to the outside of the Resolve Biolabs, you’ll see the Smelter Machine (it’s pretty hard to miss). This Smelter Machine is surrounded by acid, which makes the fight a bit of a pain.

Circulation Tower (1 Shining Coin)

The final shining coin is located inside the circulation tower which is near the train to Resolve Biolabs. Take out all the Rigs and clean up crew enemies and then face off against the final Smelter Machine.

Getting the IRONMAUS Set

Now that we have 5 Shining Coins, we need to spend them. To do this, return to Central Planning B and enter the Conveyor Hub area. Look for the door with ‘GOD’ spray painted above it. Inside this room are a number of enemies around a vending machine. Dispatch all the enemies to earn the ‘Infidel’ achievement. With the enemies gone, drop the 5 Shining Coins into the machine and activate the console that appears.


Activating the console will open up a secret wall revealing the Iron Maus set. When you acquire the Iron maus set, you will unlock the ” It Lives! It Sniffs! It Conquers! ” achievement.

Set Bonus – ” Wearing a full set of IRONMAUS gear causes your drone’s Anti – Kinetic Shield to also greatly increase your stability. ”

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