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Taking down a rough boss can be pretty satisfying. Taking down a tough boss and getting a dope boss weapon for it? Borderline orgasmic. Luckily, Deck13 has included boss weapons in The Surge. Weapons you get from bosses are usually better than normal weapons out in the world. In The Surge, these weapons are yours as soon as the boss is killed. Below you will find a list of all the boss weapons in The Surge. *Like Lords of The Fallen, The Surge features a mechanic which gives you a better boss weapon if you defeat the boss a certain way. The better weapons are the V.2.0 versions. 

Abandoned Production

Boss: P.A.X

Weapon: P.A.X Imperator

Special Condition*: For the P.A.X. Special Condition, you have to kill the boss without having it get hit by the rockets. The front of the legs have armor panels that can be knocked off, letting you damage the boss (Thanks @GH).

Weapon Type: Single – rigged

Text:An arm-mounted section of the Pacification Automaton X’s powered blade weapon, refit for use on a human scale. Even scaled down it retains formidable mass and can deliver devastating blows. The power couplings of its energized blade have been somewhat damaged by concussive rocket explosions, but still retain most functionality.

Waste Decontamination

Boss: LU – 74 “Firebug”

Weapon: Firebug Throttle

Special Condition*: Sever all limbs before killing.

Weapon Type: Twin – rigged

Text:The still – functional throttle engines of the LU-74 unit “Firebug”, so named due to its unusually large exhaust flames. Despite the best efforts of the CREO engineers leading LU-74’s construction, the were never able to pinpoint a precise cause for the larger-than-normal flames. An explanatory note was entered into LU-74’s service record, but LU-74 was neither the first nor the last CREO machine to develop idiosyncratic faults of unknown provenance.

Crew Maintenance Area

Boss: Big SISTER 1/3

Weapon: Spitfire Rod

Special Condition*: Don’t kill the welding arms in the second phase.

Weapon Type: Staff

Text:Claimed from the broken chassis of the rocket assembly platform Big SISTER 1/3, the Spitfire Rod’s welding torch has been damaged beyond repair. The CREO safety manual for the Big SISTER platforms clearly states that they are hardcoded to immediately cease operation in the case of human presence in the work area, but contains no suggested actions for what to do if a Big SISTER fails to automatically pause construction.

Executive Forum

Boss: The Black Cerberus

Weapon: MG Judge

Special Condition*: Severe The Black Cerberus’ arm.

Weapon Type: Heavy – duty

Text:The personal weapon of CREO’s head of security – the Black Cerberus. On the surface, it appears to be just another MG Adjudicator, but the Judge possesses some imposing after-market modifications. An attached energy focuser projects a contained plasma field around the cutting edge of the axe that can generate powerful energy spikes, launching electrified flares at enemies.

Nucleus – Launchpad 02 (Restricted Access)

Boss: Rogue Process

Weapon: Mimetic Edge or Claws of the Gestalt (Thanks @IlGutslI)

Special Condition*: When Rogue Process is in humanoid form, cut off right arm (thanks @FlexStone). – This gets you the Claws of Gestalt.

Weapon Type: One – handed(Blade)/Twin – rigged (Claws)

Mimetic Edge Text: ” Sculpted from an unknown alloy of high-stress metals by the ever-evolving cognition at the heart of the Nucleus. Functioning nanites are embedded throughout the blade, constantly honing its cutting edge and adjusting its weight distribution to fit the movements of its wielder. The Mimetic Edge is a killing tool with singular purpose, sometimes even anticipating the next strike before it is performed… “

Claws of the Gestalt Text:A nanite swarm surrounds this paired blade and claw, aggregating and dispersing in a pattern only it can truly know. Fortunately, it now seems to have lost the capacity to exert a conscious will. Faint echoes issue from the Claws of the Gestalt, imprints of the countless minds that jolted it into existence through an instantaneous shared moment of unimaginable pain, fear, and death. ”

Let me know what your favorite The Surge boss weapons are! You can do this in the Pit below.


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13 responses

  1. fck you says:

    Who the fck is enricofair? Some kid backpacking off everyone else’s info? ?.. oh wait, nvm, im sorry.. everyone does

  2. IlGutslI says:

    Wait but rogue poscess doesn’t drop mimetic edge when you cut of his right arm. Mimetic edge isn’t the special weapon you get. It’s claws of gestallt, which is twin-rigged, and is ridiculously powerfull with 83 damage at low proficiency.

  3. FlexStone says:

    Boss: Rogue Process
    His special condition – then he looks like human, cutt of his right arm

  4. Aigle says:

    for spitfire n firefly its obvious, still could you add pictures of the 1.0 and the 2.0 versions, and their statz. i have no idea which PAX i have or how the other one looks like 😀

  5. enemysux420 says:

    That cannot be correct, I got the P.A.X Weapon on my 3. try, didnt knowing how to defeat the boss.
    But i knocked off all Panels ( both legs, back, front ) and finished it off with it getting hit by rockets !

  6. GH says:

    For the P.A.X. Special Condition, you have to kill the boss without having it get hit by the rockets. The front of the legs have armor panels that can be knocked off, letting you damage the boss.

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