Abandoned Production Walkthrough – The Surge

Turning on the Power

Before we turn on the Power, we are going to unlock a shortcut that will make things a bit easier then making the long journey back here. Inside Block A there are 2 enemies and a locked door. Kill both enemies and head downstairs into the darkness. As you go downstairs, you’ll hear the door upstairs bust open. Return back upstairs and you’ll find and enemy has broken the door open for you. Kill the enemy, go inside the room and take the Exo – Lift up.

On the catwalk, there are two enemies. The first is a normal enemy you’ve faced before. The second enemy is quicker than any enemy you have faced up to this point. Make sure you block and deal damage when there are openings. If you want, you can try to get the weapon off this enemy as it is new. When you’ve killed this enemy, continue along the catwalk until you reach an Exo – Lift down. This takes you back to the MedBay.

Power Plant Basement

Before we head into the Power Plant basement, we are gonna want a chest piece. If you don’t already have one, head out to the enemy that spawns at the bottom of the stairs and get one. The reason we want a chest piece, is because the lights are out in the basement. Chest pieces have lights on them, so grab one and head back to the Power Plant basement. In the Power Planet basement, make your way into the room on the right. There will be a fast enemy guarding an electrical pole. Kill the enemy and overcharge the pole.

Boss: P.A.X

With power flowing again, we have awoken the boss. To access the boss and leave the area, head back to open area before Building A. This area is the boss arena and houses P.A.X. P.A.X is a giant mech who can deal some serious damage. The best strategy I can give is to stick close to its feet and deal damage when there are openings. P.A.X has a wide range of moves: there’s a stomp, a jump, a melee attack, and projectiles. If you get caught by the projectiles you will most likely die, so be careful.

To deal damage to P.A.X, first fill up the bottom meter, by attacking its feet. Once the meter is full, P.A.X will freak out and fall to the ground. When this happens, deal as much damage as possible. This cycle will occur a few times before P.A.X is dead. When you beat P.A.X you will receive its boss weapon. To leave the area, simply get on the tram on the left side of P.A.X arena.

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