Abandoned Production Walkthrough – The Surge

Go to the Power Plant

Along the way back to where we got the Power Core, make sure to gather some new weapons. There are two potential weapons you can loot off the enemies here, the ASTir Spectre Blade and the ASTir Vibro – Cutter. The Spectre Blade is considered “Single – rigged”, while the Vibro – Blade is “One Handed”. As there is a weapons proficiency system in The Surge, choose your weapon to fit the style you want to play. Once you have a new weapon, return to where you got the Power Core and Overcharge the electrical pipe to the left. By Overcharging, you open the door here.


Real Combat

Head inside and prepare to start facing some real combat. In the next room, you will face off against a number of enemies. The easiest approach to rooms like these, is to aggro each enemy individually. Fighting 1v1 is much simpler than facing multiple enemies at once. The goal in this room is to use the ExoLift to access and Overcharge an electrical pipe. This opens the door further along the track.


In the next room, immediately take a right and unlock the door here. This opens up a shortcut back to the MedBay you’ll more then likely want. If you are out of healing, or have some Tech Scrap to spend, head back to the MedBay before heading further in.


When ready, return to the room you unlocked the shortcut in and continue heading straight. Once again you will be inside a room with a bunch of enemies. Take it slow, taking out each enemy one by one. For this room, we want to open the door pictured above (on the right side of the room). After the door is open, head right and snag yet another shortcut back to the MedBay.


Continue following the tracks until you come to what appears to be a dead end with some stairs, go up the stairs. On top of the stairs, there will be an enemy, kill this enemy, go right and down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs head left.


Abandoned Production Walkthrough

Our destination building Block A. This is the Power Plant.


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