The Sims 4 Getting New Expansion Pack,

The Sims 4 was featured at EA Play 19 and fans of the series have plenty to be excited. In The Sims 4 conference players got their first look at the new expansion, Island Living,

New Expansion Island Living Revealed

The Sims 4 is getting a new expansion called Island Living. This expansion features a ton of island wear specific clothing, new hairstyles, and a number of other island specific accessories.

Alongside the look at island style, the developers announced a new addition of water and land play. This means sims will be able to go into the ocean and take part in different watersports.

Since there is water play, it is only right that Island Living sims will be able to befriend island animals such as dolphins and tropical fish.

To take care of these fish and the beautiful environment they are a part of is the addition of a new job type in the conservation officer.

Cleaning up the island will be reflected in the islands look. The cleaner the island the better foliage and colors you will experience.

Living on the island, sims will experience different island events like parties and elementals. These elementals are basically island gods that will get either happy or angry depending on how you treat the island.

Mermaids are in the pack. Players can make a mermaid sim. These mermaids can do a little more than normal sims. Mermaids have some powers that are worth exploring.

The new Island Living expansion pack releases on June 21st.

Before they closed the conference they announced that The Sims 4‘s next expansion pack will be called Realm of Magic. More information on that pack will be coming soon.

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