The Secret Door in Demon’s Souls Has Been Opened

Since the release of Demon’s Souls (2020) fans of the series have been desperately hunting for an answer to why there is a new door in the game. This new door placed by the remake developers Bluepoint Games can be found in the Boletarian Palace’s Inner Ward location. While many solutions were tested there appeared to be no real answer as to how the door was to be opened. Fast forward a few days and we now have the answer. Thanks to a group of streamers, the secret door in Demon’s Souls has been opened.

Demon’s Souls Door Solution

The solution to the Door puzzle came from a consortium of Soulsborne streamers over on Twitch. This group featuring some of the best Soulsborne players around tested a number of theories, but got nowhere. After some trial and error and the discovery of a new Ceramic Coin item that could be looted off of destroy-able items in the world the group found the solution.

To open the secret door in Demon’s Souls you need to collect a total of 26x Ceramic Coins from destroy-ables. Once you have thirty of these coins you must give them to the Crows on the Island’s Edge in the Shrine of Storms level to get the Rusted Key. This Rusted Key opens the secret door. When the secret door is opened players gain access to an area that features remains. On these remains is the Penetrator’s Armor set.

The world first discovery and opening of the door can be seen in the video above made by Twitch streamer Distortion2. This 15 minute video shows getting the key, opening the door, and getting the armor set. He also almost gets a coke for his efforts, but he already has one.

What’ did you think of the hidden door mystery in Demon’s Souls? Do you like that they added a secret like? Are you going to grab the armor set for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.


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