The Outer Worlds Attributes List

The Outer Worlds is a new RPG adventure game out of Obsidian that sees players travel the galaxy. While travelling the world players will utilize a number of attributes to impact the outcome of events. To help you keep track of these attributes, check out our The Outer Worlds attributes list below.

Attributes in The Outer Worlds

Image showing the Attributes in The Outer Worlds.

Attributes in The Outer Worlds can be divided into three categories: Body, Mind, and Personality. Within each category you will find attributes that impact skills. Here’s the Attributes available to players:


  • Strength: Strength affects melee weapon damage and the amount you can carry.
    • Affected Skills: 1-Handed Melee, 2-Handed Melee, Heavy Weapons, Block, Inspiration, Intimidate.
  • Dexterity: Dexterity affects melee attack speed and ranged weapon reload speed.
    • Affected Skills: 1-Handed Melee, Handguns, Dodge, Block, Sneak, Lockpick.


  • Intelligence: Intelligence affects Critical Hit bonus damage.
    • Affected Skills: Long Guns, Persuade, Hack, Medical, Science, Determination.
  • Perception: Perception affects Headshot and Weakspot damage bonuses.
    • Affected Skills: Handguns, Long Guns, Heavy Weapons, Dodge, Lockpick, Engineering.


  • Charm: Charm effects Faction Reputation and Companion ability cooldowns.
    • Affected Skills: Persuade, Lie, Intimidate, Hack, Science, Inspiration.
  • Temperament: Temperament improves your natural health regeneration.
    • Affected Skills: 2-Handed Melee, Lie, Sneak, Medical, Engineering, Determination.

This concludes our brief look at The Outer Worlds Attributes. Which Attributes are you focusing on with your builds? Let me know in the comments down below.

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