The Monster Inside Review: A Game by Random Seed Games

The Monster Inside is free and holds the promise of being short. That filled enough check boxes for me to try. Plus I like a little story in my games.

The Monster Inside is set as a noir, private eye tale. The game uses minimalist artwork to create a noticeable ambiance. Without creating an elaborate set, or even adding any real color, the game achieves a pleasing aesthetic that helps immerse the player in the story. I dug the audio in the game, and it felt right with the setting and the dialogue.

The Monster Inside Office

Is cliche a strong enough term?

True to the private eye genre, The Monster Inside offers dialogue options that are sassy, resentful, and lazy. I naturally chose to be the most stereotypical P.I. that ever lived. It was deeply satisfying. Your name is Jack. Could that be any more of a P.I. name?

The Monster Inside Cliche

Of course it is.

I felt genuine interest in where the story was going. I caught a The Wolf Among Us vibe from the characters, which tickled my fancy. At crime scenes, you were supposed to click and investigate some items around the scene. I found this to be an advantage for the game as it had the player turn a critical eye to the set pieces. With all the dialogue going on at the bottom of the screen, it can be easy to ignore the visuals. The visuals aren’t going to change your life, but they feel right, and hold up to prolonged examination.

The Monster Inside Crime Scene

What’s going on here?

Should you play The Monster Inside? Yes. Sit down, enjoy a well-paced story with some groovy music. Feel like the washed up, scummy P.I. with a drinking problem. Feel that smoldering cigarette dangle from your lips as you pour another glass of liquor. It is a solid ten minutes you will enjoy.


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