The Forgotten City Unhygienic Achievement Guide

In The Forgotten City there are a number of achievements players can unlock by finding secrets hidden throughout the world. These secrets, are, secret, meaning they are hard to find. One achievement called Unhygienic tasks you with finding a sponge on a stick. To help you do that here’s our The Forgotten City Unhygienic achievement guide.

Where to Find the Sponge on a Stick

Start up a game and make your way to the marketplace. Head behind the shops using the staircase on the right. Next to the shrine the woman/assassin runs into. Take your first right at the top of the stairs to enter a washroom. In the washroom you will find a number of Sponge Sticks on the floor. Approach one and hit Examine. You will pick it up. Once you’ve picked it up you will unlock the Unhygienic achievement.

That’s all you need to know to unlock the Unhygienic achievement in The Forgotten City. This achievement is very easy to unlock and can be done at any time. There are a number of achievements in the game that require far more effort than this one.

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