The Forgotten City The Many Shall Suffer Ending Guide

The Forgotten City is a narrative driven adventure title that features a total of 4 endings players can unlock depending on how they complete the story. These endings all contribute the game’s achievement count so you will want to unlock them all if you are a completionist. For help unlock The Forgotten City The Many Shall Suffer ending see our guide below.

Shortest ending. Spoilers below.

Lady by the River Choice

Lady by the River choice.

Each time you start a new game you begin by interacting with a woman on the banks of the Tiber river. During this interaction you will select your class and make a few choices. To get the first ending you want to make the following choices during the interaction:

  1. I was on a covert mission…

Choosing this option gives you a handgun which is very important for this ending. Once you’ve made this selection head to the time portal and make your way through it into the past.

Meet Magistrate Sentius then Shoot Him

Where to find Sentius in The Forgotten City.
Kill Sentius at the location above.

On the other side of the portal you can follow Galerius or ignore his offer to show you around the city. Regardless of what you choose make your way to Magistrate Sentius’s house. When you are ready head to the top floor and speak with Sentius. After you are done speaking to him pull out your handgun and shoot him. This creates a time paradox. This paradox will warp you out of the time period back to present day.

Speak to Al to Get Ending

In the present day you will find the character named Al Worth standing in front of you. Approach Al and speak to him. After this interaction you will unlock The Many Shall Suffer ending. This will unlock the achievement The Many Shall Suffer and Law Abiding Citizen.

There are three more endings you can unlock in the game. These other endings are far more involved and require way more effort to unlock. The ending screen will show you where these endings take place on the timeline.

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