The End is Nigh All Tumors and Mega Tumors Guide

Overflow: Tumors & Mega Tumors

Tumors: 20

Mega Tumors: 7

Overflow 1: 1 Tumor

Collect:  Near the teleporter are two hooks. Jump up and grab the hook to pull the piece down and reveal Tumor 1.

Overflow 2: 1 Tumor + 1 Mega Tumor

Tumor Collect: As soon as you enter Overflow 2, you will see the tumor in front of you. The tumor is wedged between a few spike which makes it kind of tricky to get to. Try to come at it as straight vertically as you can.

Mega Tumor Collect: Near where the tumor is in Overflow 2 is a small gap to the right. Crawl inside and grab the hook. Fall down the hole and use a ledge grab on top the column to snag the Mega Tumor.

Overflow 3: 1 Tumor

Collect: Tumor 3 is located near the exit for Overflow 3. If you don’t think you can grab it first try, head into Overflow 4 and come at in reverse. This gives you a closer spawn. The trick here is simply swimming as close as possible to the spike without dying.

Overflow 4: 1 Tumor + 1 Mega Tumor

Tumor Collect: This tumor is a bit trickier to collect than the previous 3. The tumor is attached to a spiky square that is moving through the water. You need to move relatively quick to grab is but the best approach is to b-line it into the water as soon as you enter Overflow 4.

Mega Tumor Collect: To access this Mega Tumor, head to Overflow 4 and swim up the small gap in the top of the screen. In the next room, head left. Upon entering, you will see the Mega Tumor floating on top of a pillar. Ledge jump to the opposite pillar and platform you way up.

Overflow 5: 1 Tumor

Collect: Ready for a bit of a tough one? Good! Cause this one is pretty hard. You need to use the Skullfrog to reach the ledge near where the tumor is floating. The problem? The Skullfrogs continuously spawn. Good luck!

Overflow 6: 1 Tumor + 1 Mega Tumor

Tumor Collect: The tumor in Overflow 6 is located in the bottom right corner. The biggest danger here is the jumping Skullfrogs. Avoid them at all costs!

Mega Tumor Collect: Along the middle portion of the left side of the screen is a few blocks which can be destroyed. Use a ledge jump from off the ledge nearby to break the blocks and fall through. You’ll grab the Mega Tumor on the way down in the secret room.

Overflow 7: 1 Tumor

Collect:  Instead of jumping across like you would normally do, wait for the Skullfrog to be about mid jump and then use it to access the tumor.

Overflow 8: 1 Tumor

Collect: Follow the routed path and make your way to Overflow 9. Double back and jump off the ledge while ground pounding. You pretty much need to line this up just right, so expect to try this a few times. Other note, as soon as you grab the tumor, start mashing a to swim up. The window for this is very short.

Overflow 9: 1 Tumor

Collect: This tumor is relatively easy to collect. Instead of jumping over the small pillar, go under it to collect the tumor.

Overflow 10: 1 Tumor + 1 Mega Tumor

Tumor Collect: Collecting this tumor is a two stage process. Head up to the upper portion of the level first (grab the Overflow 11 save). From the black circle, follow the line to the edge; wait for the water to rise. Ride the water down so you are standing on the platform underneath the tumor. Grab the tumor and wait for the spikes in the middle to drop away. Jump through the hole they leave and out to the exit.

Mega Tumor Collect: In the room with the rising poison, head to the left when you are in the upper portion of the level. Inside the secret room, you will need to use the many Skullfrogs to jump up to the Mega Tumor.


This The End is Nigh all Tumors and Mega Tumors guide continues on the next page. Any questions or comments? Drop them in The Pit below.



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3 responses

  1. Ethylan says:

    Il you lose all your tumors, it’s Game Over. And you start again the world

  2. Salvador says:

    What happens if you get out of tumors on the second portion?

    • enricofairme says:

      Do you mean The Future? Essentially they act as lives, so if I die on Anguish 15 and use up all my tumors, I start the world again at Anguish 1.

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