The End is Nigh All Tumors and Mega Tumors Guide

The Arid Flats 11: 1 Tumor


Collect: Collecting Tumor 11 appears to be fairly time sensitive. I pretty much just ran the pictured route as soon as I entered the level and it seemed to work out well. If I was slow, then I wouldn’t be able to grab the tumor.

The Arid Flats 12: 1 Tumor + 1 Mega Tumor

Tumor Collect: All you need to do here is ride the square all the way around. Then grab the tumor, drop back onto the square and head back to the exit.

Mega Tumor Collect: So from what I can tell, the locked areas are hard. Really hard. To reach this Mega Tumor, use the hook in the upper left corner of the screen to lower the locked door. Unlock the door and jump up. The next three rooms involve the use of springs to reach higher levels. Good Luck.

The Arid Flats 13: 1 Tumor

Collect: To collect Tumor 13, hang around the large red box area, dodging the spike balls as they pass and then snag the tumor as it floats by. Return to the exit.

The Arid Flats 14: 1 Tumor + 1 Mega Tumor

Tumor Collect: Lure the Skullfrog thing over to near the floating tumor. Bounce off the skullfrog with your jump and grab the tumor.

Mega Tumor Collect: Lure the Skullfrog enemy over to the cracked looking floor tiles. Use the frog to jump high enough to ground pound the area. Go down the hole to find the Mega Tumor and a bunch of enemies.

The Arid Flats 15: 1 Tumor

Collect: This is easily one of the worst tumors I have experienced in The End is Nigh yet. In order to collect this tumor, you want to lure the skullfrogs in line with the tumor so you can jump up to get it. This is easier said than done.

The Arid Flats 16: 1 Tumor

Collect: If you are doing this from the left side, I highly recommend tagging room 17 for your own sake. This makes screw ups a 1 second run rather then a 10 second one. Anyways all you want to do is jump from the elevated stair up to the hooks to grab the tumor.

The Arid Flats 17: 1 Tumor

Collect: This one needs to be done relatively quick as the platform starts to collapse the moment you touch it. I had the best luck by jumping into the middle then over to the tumor then back to the spring and up, but you may be able to drop down to the tumor first.

The Arid Flats 18: 1 Tumor

Collect: Ride on the log; avoid the spiked balls by baby jumping; grab the tumor as it passes by; exit.

The Arid Flats 19: 1 Tumor

Collect: Collecting Tumor 19 is a bit of a process. To start, head over to the first right square (along the right wall). Jump up and wait inside for the square with the Tumor in it to come around. When the square is close, jump on top the Tumor square. Ride the Tumor Square up, past the spiked metal balls on the right. When you are about 3/4 of the way up, jump to the square on the top right corner of the center island.  What for the Tumor square to come up and jump inside.  Ride inside the Tumor square before the first left square on the center island. Jump out onto the first square and jump over the spikes to the further left square. Head back to the exit.

The Arid Flats 20: 1 Tumor + 1 Mega Tumor

Tumor Collect: When you start level 20, the tumor drops down to where the vertical box is. All you need to do is go from hook to hook and grab it. Simple enough.

Mega Tumor Collect: To collect this tumor, use the hooks in Arid Flats 20 to access the little hole in bottom left corner of the level. Inside the hole, you will find a brief maze to go through and then you will reach the Mega Tumor.


This The End is Nigh all Tumors and Mega Tumors guide continues on the next page. Any questions or comments? Drop them in The Pit below.



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  1. Ethylan says:

    Il you lose all your tumors, it’s Game Over. And you start again the world

  2. Salvador says:

    What happens if you get out of tumors on the second portion?

    • enricofairme says:

      Do you mean The Future? Essentially they act as lives, so if I die on Anguish 15 and use up all my tumors, I start the world again at Anguish 1.

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