The End is Nigh All Tumors and Mega Tumors Guide

The Machine: Tumors and Mega Tumors

Tumors: 20

Mega Tumors: 7

The Machine 1: 1 Tumor

Strategy: Use the conveyors to access the right side of the room. Drop down to grab the tumor and quickly grab the conveyor to ride back up.

The Machine 2: 1 Tumor

Strategy: Enter The Machine 2 from the right exit. Jump to the first moving platform and ride it to the left platform. Jump to the left platform and ledge grab the left side of the platform. Ride it to grab the tumor.

The Machine 3: 1 Tumor

Strategy: Ride up the conveyor avoiding the gunshots. Jump off the platform and and grab the tumor.

The Machine 4: 1 Tumor + 2 Mega Tumors

Strategy: Use the gravity lift to grab the tumor in the bottom right of the level.


Mega Tumor: There are two tumors located above The Machine 4. Use the hook in the upper right near the gun to reveal a secret entrance to the roof. Head up and choose either right or left. Left takes you through a couple sequences of guns shooting. Right has you avoid spike inside a gravity lift.

The Machine 5: 1 Tumor

Strategy: Jump to the right ledge of the first gravity lift. Wait for the lift to reach its peak and ledge jump off. Grab the tumor and land in the middle lift.

The Machine 6: 1 Tumor


Strategy: Grabbing this tumor is a bit of a pain. Use the lift to access the moving platform at the top of the level. Ride the platform over to where the guns are shooting. Jump down to the switch and press it. Drop down to the now open entrance and ride the conveyor up to grab the tumor.

The Machine 7: 1 Tumor

Strategy: As soon as you enter The Machine 7, a tumor appears on the conveyor at the bottom of the screen. Quickly make your way to the switch up top and press it. Run back to the entrance and drop down to collect the tumor.

The Machine 8: 1 Tumor

Strategy: In this room, there are four spiked blocks moving in a counterclockwise fashion. On each block is a hook. Use the hook to cross the gap and then jump off before the poison kills you. Get back on the block and ride it around to grab the tumor.

The Machine 9: 1 Tumor

Strategy: Make your way across the moving blocks to the conveyor. Ride the conveyor up and jump to grab the floating tumor.


Mega Tumor: Ride the moving blocks on the bottom of the screen to the right to enter a secret room. You need to clear a total of two rooms to reach the room with the Mega Tumor.

The Machine 10: 1 Tumor

Strategy:  Head to the spring in this room and use it to jump onto the poison creature. Bounce on the creature as it makes its way to the upper platform. Before the platform, jump off to collect the tumor.


This The End is Nigh all Tumors and Mega Tumors guide continues on the next page. Any questions or comments? Drop them in The Pit below.



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3 responses

  1. Ethylan says:

    Il you lose all your tumors, it’s Game Over. And you start again the world

  2. Salvador says:

    What happens if you get out of tumors on the second portion?

    • enricofairme says:

      Do you mean The Future? Essentially they act as lives, so if I die on Anguish 15 and use up all my tumors, I start the world again at Anguish 1.

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