The End is Nigh All Tumors and Mega Tumors Guide

The End is Nigh is finally out which means there are a ton of secrets for players to find. While not really a ‘secret’, there are various Tumors scattered throughout each world. These tumors serve as a type of collectible and have tremendous value in the second portion of the game called The Future (Tumors serve as lives). Each world has 20 Tumors to collect as well as 7 Mega Tumors (worth 5) to find. To successfully collect a tumor, you need to collect it and beat the level. Some tumors are hard, while others are easy. I’ve put together this The End is Nigh all Tumors and Mega Tumors guide below to help make the collecting process a bit easier. *As there are 20 tumors per level I am going to break up this guide similar to how I did The End is Nigh guide. *


1. The End (T: 20/20, MT: 7/7)

2. The Arid Flats (T: 20/20, MT: 7/7)

3. Overflow (T: 20/20, MT: 7/7)

4. The Split (T: 0, MT: 0)

5. The Hollows (T: 15/15, MT: 5/5)

6. Golgotha (T: 20/20, MT: 7/7) 

7. The Wall of Sorrow (T: 15/15, MT: 5/5)

8. SS Exodus (T: 20/20, MT: 7/7)

9. Retrograde (T: 15/15, MT: 5/5)

10. The Machine (T: 20/20, MT: 7/7)


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3 responses

  1. Ethylan says:

    Il you lose all your tumors, it’s Game Over. And you start again the world

  2. Salvador says:

    What happens if you get out of tumors on the second portion?

    • enricofairme says:

      Do you mean The Future? Essentially they act as lives, so if I die on Anguish 15 and use up all my tumors, I start the world again at Anguish 1.

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