The End is Nigh Steven Locations

I’ve been playing a ton of The End is Nigh lately and one part of the game involves collecting tumors. These tumors serve multiple purposes in the game including lives and accessing The Future. As you travel through the various worlds in The End is Nigh, you may have recognized a certain someone. Steven, a character in pretty much all of McMillen’s games, can be found in various worlds throughout the game. Steven lets you use your tumors to gain access to The Future which allows you to get cartridges. In total there are 4 levels Steven gives access to. Here is where to find The End is Nigh Steven locations.

1. Arid Flats

Location: Arid Flats

Requirement: 50 Tumors

2. Golgotha

Location: Golgotha

Requirements: 100 Tumors

3. SS Exodus

Location: SS Exodus 7

Requirement: 170 Tumors

4. The End

Location: The End 0 (above your house)

Requirement: 300 Tumors

And there you have it. A quick and dirty guide to the locations of Steven throughout The End is Nigh. If you need help tracking down all the tumors to get to The Future, I made a guide for that! Hope this helps!


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