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After making your way through The Hollows, you will arrive in Golgotha. This area is all about Lava, Chomp – like enemies, evil blocks and death. Let’s get through it!

Golgotha 1

Strategy: Relatively simple strategy here. Cross the room using the columns in the room. The enemy in the room here will lunge at you when you jump, so be careful.

Golgotha 2

Strategy: This room is abit tricky and really introduces the new enemies. There is one enemy in the top middle of the screen and another waiting on the far right platform. Running full speed seems to work pretty well here and is how I got through the room.

Golgotha 3

Strategy: This room is a bit complicated. You need to make your way to the hooks on the center column and then use the hooks to draw the chain dogs away from the exit. When the dogs are distracted, you can jump down and jump through the opening.

Golgotha 4

Strategy: When you enter Golgotha 4, the lava will lower. Wait for the lava to drain and jump down to the lower platform. Follow the path in the picture above and you should make it out alive. Just make sure you go quick!

Golgotha 5

Strategy: Like the last level, you need to wait for the lava to drain before being able to cross the room. Quickly follow the path marked out on the picture above and you will be able to make it through this level. The key here is speed.

Golgotha 6

Strategy: The lava in this room raises and lowers, putting the platforms into the spikes. Wait for the lava to be at its low point and then cross the platforms. On the third platform, you want to do a ledge grab and then hold on while the lava cycles.

Golgotha 7

Strategy: Wait for the lava to lower and make your way over to the second platform. Stand near the edge of the platform and wait for the lava to lower. When the chain chomp lunges jump over and reach the exit.

Golgotha 8

Strategy: Dodge the fireballs and make your way to the far right platform. On the far right platform, a hook will appear. Jump to the hook and the entire ceiling will come down revealing more hooks. Use the hooks to reach the exit.

Golgotha 9

Strategy: New enemy type! See the creature in the left part of the screen? It will chase you randomly throughout the level. You need to time your moves so that it doesn’t get you. Follow the path laid out and you should be okay. On the top hook, you will need to jump over the enemy, but once you do this you should be good to go.

Golgotha 10

Strategy: Follow the path here laid out in the picture above and you should be okay. Note that the enemy here will follow you around and make the trek annoying, but just jump it when it charges.

Golgotha 11

Strategy: Typical hallway here. You need to break the breakable walls and dodge both the spikes and enemies. If you take a run at the start, this can all be done without triggering the enemies in the room.

Golgotha 12

Strategy: In this room, the spikes appear and disappear on a timer. You need to time your jumps when the spikes are up to make sure you have time to make the jumps. Timing is key here.

Golgoth 13

Strategy: More automatic spikes! This time we need to time our hook jumps to move up vertically. Again the key here is timing. Jump when the spikes are still up and you will be fine!

Golgotha 14

Strategy: This level is a bit tough. There are two chain chomps to above the two platforms with automatic spikes. You can easily clear the first platform by running as soon as the level starts. The second platform is a bit more complicated. You need to lure the chain chomp so you can jump and run across the platform. Use the hooks to reach the exit.

Golgotha 15

Strategy: In this room is a block. This block is not an ordinary block. This block wants to kill you. Whichever part of the block you stand by, is the direction it will go. If you are above it, the block flies up. In this room you need to manipulate the block to break the breakable tiles. This reveals the exit.

Golgotha 16

Strategy: Time to use more blocks! This time the blocks will be used sort of like an elevator. Run under the first block and jump onto it. This will carry you up to the upper level. Do a tiny jump to bring the other block into the empty space. Jump up and begin to run. When the block comes hurtling behind you, jump up and ride it to the exit.

Golgotha 17

Strategy: Like the previous room, we need to manipulate the block here to get us to the entrance. Run past the block and begin platforming. As the block comes speeding at you, jump up to get on top. Climb out to the exit.

Golgotha 18

Strategy: The idea here is to bring the block over to beneath the breakable floor. To do this, follow the highlighted path. Once on the floating platform, you will need to do a couple of half jumps out to trigger the block. Once the block is positioned down below, jump out and ride it up to the exit (need to jump off quickly or you’ll be crushed).

Golgotha 19

Strategy: As soon as you enter Golgotha 19, lava begins to fill the room. You need to do this next sequence as quickly as possible. Follow the path marked and you should be okay. Just beware the chain dog at the end of the level (he will kill your runs).

Golgotha 20

Strategy: The lava in this room raises and lowers. Wait for the lava to reach the lowest point and start the run. You pretty much have to do this in a single shot to get to the exit.

Golgotha 21

Strategy: No real strategy needed here. Pick up the body and you’re good to go.

Golgotha – World Run Through

If My text guide failed you, take a look at this World Run through video I put together. This may help you visualize a bit more what my strategies were for completing each level in Golgotha.



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